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neyamiko Feb 21 '17
I'm new to Traditional Satanism. I've been considering switching to this religion  for a few years now. I finally decided to just go for it!
neyamiko Mar 3 '17
thank you Jonathan

I'm very grateful for any pointing in the correct direction. Thank You!
I'm sorry I'm so slow to respond I've just had a lot in my life that I'm dealing with right now. Trying to piece a wreckage of a life back together. Luckily meditation has really helped me stay motivated and keep my sanity. I've only used meditations on joys of Satan which seems to be the only resource on the web. I am investing in books but I had to wait to get paid first. I only get paid once a month sadly and once I pay my bills I have very little money to play with. But I do plan to buy a book this month.
JohnBoullan May 26 '17
Salutations Neyamiko

Been involved with Traditional/Theistic Satanism for a very long time, add me if you wish, be glad to speak with you

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