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orange_juice Apr 22 '17
Hi all,

I know this is a very subjective thing but I like to hear many opinions.

Some people only care about themselves, some care about themselves and their family and friends, some care about their own country and some care about the whole world.
Einstein used a really good term once called "your circle of compassion". The question is, how wide should we make it? Should it encompass all living things including non-human animals? Should it be limited to ourselves and a select few? What circle of compassion width is best for finding happiness? What width is best for achieving earthly success?
I just think this is a really interesting topic and I'd like to see what the people of this site think. 
How much does your circle cover? Do you think there is a good width that we should all aim for?

Blackcats13 Apr 22 '17
Thank you Zora, It was mildly amusing to see his face when i did give him the money. To answer Orange on the how wide should we make our circle, I would personally say as wide or narrow as we see fit to the situation. Compassion or kindness should never be forced or it becomes something quite the opposite. I see that especially in today's "PC Principle world of butthurt snowflakes." If i pretend to care as not to offend someone then i am not really being true to myself or them. On the same but opposite side of the coin pretending to not care or be "evil" for the sake of keeping up some I am a satanist, fear me facade is not being true to oneself or others either. I am BOTH depending on the situation that i perceive, if that makes sense. I have given the homeless money even when insulted as Zora has told (we were in a walmart parking lot lol) rescued animals even at my own expense and helped many with out them even knowing and on the same token have also ruined someones life out of sheer principle and quick temper and many other things i care not to mention. There are two sides to everyone and to quote Anton LaVey " there is a beast in man that needs to be exercised not exorcised" what this means to me personally is to always be true to yourself whether you are representing yourself good or badly in the eyes of others. To "exorcise" it I.E tamp it down, sugar coat, embellish it, etc. Is false representation to you and those around you. Show the world you can be a dick and a saint as long as you are being yourself!!!! <3 
I think compassion relates closely to empathy and is relative to the individual. Some people will have more than others. For me, it's more of a survival instinct than it is a moral issue, and it has no hard limits. If I sense someone is in need, more often than not, I feel inclined to help them. I'm still human and I don't like to see people suffer undeservingly. 

Of course, I feel a sense of pride and godliness afterwards, and I think if we look at it from all angles, that is the true motivator of compassion. Most people have a hard time sensing the nature behind compassion because they are already lost in the facade of being a "good" person, and will act compassionately on purpose for the sake of their reputation, but without realizing it.
Which bears the question, is there such a thing as a selfless act? ...I, think not!

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