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Iggy Starman
Iggy Starman Apr 23 '17
Shit I'm real bad with introductions and I'm in my bed about to nap for work so I'll keep this brief.

Theistic Satanism: I think that is my go to main idealology. It speaks to me on a personal level and it gives me life and reason to practice and research. Metaphysical God heads lingering in the Astral that are willing to teach people so long as you give the proper daemons proper respect? That's what I'm talking about! Knowledge! Fuck yeah!

Age: 22. I drink 2% milk from a sippie cup but at least I don't wear diapers. I might be young but ive been in and out of the scene since I was 13. First started with Joy of Satan [I ain't here to bash one group or another. But. Some of the things over there is a little yikes.]


Ginger, TSA fuckin snatched my soul when I boarded to this Earth and customs won't give it back. I'm pissed.

I live in Indiana. Id have pride for my state if it wasn't so damn BlackWatered and Bass Ackwards.

I listen to dumb ambient 80s throwback rock. Celldweller, Aphex Twins, indie stuff on soundcloud that no one has even heard of - that's my jam

I eat videogames in moderation for breakfast because I'm a filthy casual. But at least I beat Dark Souls. [D.S 3. But still. It's piss hard when it wants to be.]

Second Life and Role play is cool too i guess. I like to write shit and make stories with strangers. 

I'm nerdy and fat and it's cool, don't have kids, don't have a woman or man either. Flying solo right now and that's okay- I'll some day fill the void by making connections in the Astral and starting relationships and friendships here on SIN and hopefully with a daemon or two.

I sleep like the dead and I'm going to practice acting like a corpse for 7 hours. Good night.


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