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Miss Natalia
Miss Natalia May 10 '17
The days grow colder Underneath the winter Sun And with all my pain I come undone I realize I have Nowhere to run I'm helpless Comfortably numb As the bitter cold darkness Freezing my crimson flow While my thoughts ponder on The nights are excruciating Time passes by slowly Hopelessness settles in Whoa is my lonely In the long night Reflecting on memories That embraces my mind Bitter cold darkness Triggering thoughts I want to leave behind Suffocating in my sadness I am crippled by my demise My demons coming alive The noise is so loud I can't unwind Silver tears fall I am blinded Trapped inside my mind Frozen I'm lost in time The winter sun doesn't shine I want to leave this bitter Cold darkness behind This is my depression of mine.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 20 '17
Gently call Him, and with delicacy pronounce His name. Your sadness He will transform in gladness, your troubles He will reduce to nothing, in your coldest night He will be your Lucifer, in your hardest, suffocating  and more difficult days He will be your Satan, He will be your shadow and light , He will be what you want Him to be, suddenly, you'll realize that You and Him are one, and you'll be stronger than you think, because He wants you to be like Him, He wants you to be a Satan-lucifer or Lucifery-satan a God or Godess upon your earthbto take dominion on every situation.
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