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RileyHeadwind May 12 '17
I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I'm three days without right now but it's getting a little hard. 

Does anyone have any tips to help me? I'm using the patch and gum right now.

neyamiko May 15 '17
I quit and it was easy for me sorry. I quit because They ruined the only cigarette I actually enjoyed. And once I stopped enjoying them well that was the end for me. I don't waist my time on things I don't enjoy. Same way I quit street drugs actually. I came to the realization that I wasn't having fun and that was my only reason for using drugs. 

Unless you're a masochist I think most people would find it easy to quit this way.

My best advice make your self hate them. Come to the realization that cigarettes are disgusting because they are. Then stop thinking about them and live life! 

I know I know easier said then done! Good luck!

cathy41 May 16 '17
try nicoassist lozenges, i cut down with these, i could stop with them, you still addicted to nicotine but feel better
Gui666 May 16 '17

I also quit 3 weeks ago, just like that, no helps, when I feel like having a cigarrete I just put a jawbreaker or a gum in my mouth, it was easy for my, I also quit smoking hash and weed, it feels good to be rid of all of that, I feel way better now.

    LuciferiousRex May 16 '17

    I'm definitely no good at giving advice since I smoke too.

    All I can say (from my part), I still smoke because I just like doing it, it's simply a habit.

    If you really want to quit, just bloody do it and don't bother asking for "help". Pick your balls up, bite the bullet and just stop.

    If you're doing it because you got influenced by someone or something, you're in for a long road. If you're doing it because it's something really important to you, then just do it, no need for "support" or "advice".

    Look at it this way, if someone told you they will chop your leg off if you continue smoking, what would you do?

    I can tell you from a fact that my father who has been smoking for +20 years stopped straight away when the doctor told him his leg might come off. He didn't need any support or patches or jawbreakers.

    nith May 19 '17

    I kind of agree with some of Rex's point above,,, make a choice and just do it.

    I stopped smoking in the last year mainly because I didn't want to pay what had become a huge amount for this habit. After doing some fact based research I got into vaping. Once I got my choice of vape gear my weekly habit bill went from $200+ to around $15 for juice and replacement coils.

    Turn it into a game. Give yourself a reward whenever you resist a craving. *Feel* the willpower burning in your gut to give the shit up. Notice how it feels to see yourself reaching for a pack, then pulling away and turning around. Bask in the pride that comes with rather than feeling like you're punishing yourself. 

    Remember that it takes 21 days to form a habit. You're already at 18. See if you can make it to 0 without having a cigarette. At that point it's all maintenance. And if you do have one, don't beat yourself up. You're gonna relapse, it's gonna happen, man. Just don't make a habit of it. Just keep a short list of the reasons you want to quit in your head and refer to it anytime you need to. 

    At the end of the day, you're gonna end up doing what you truly want inside, right? It's just a matter of what you decide you want more. Either way, just own your choice. Good luck in your endeavors. 

    sororsrca May 25 '17
    Quit 13 years ago with the patch and tons of Jolly Rancher candies. I hated the control it had over me and the money it cost. Focus your strength of will and just do it, keep yourself busy. I'm still addicted to Jolly Ranchers :D
    SilverAgate May 27 '17
    Ive got to quit smoking...so hard! Jolly ranchers, water, patches, cig inhailer...try 1 800 quit now...??? Don't know if that would work where you are.
    pyro May 27 '17
    I use a vaporizer to help to quit smoking I started off on the highest nic level witch would be 18mg and slowly went down to 3mg I tend to stay away from the tobacco flavor e liquid I tend to stick with the candy or fruity flavor and or savory like creme burlee 
    The Forum post is edited by pyro May 27 '17
    Wondering how the quitting has gone? I take back my previous sentiment about relapsing. That's not necessarily true.
    RileyHeadwind Aug 27 '17
    Hey Emily. Thanks for checking in. I still smoke. I've cut down quite a bit though.
    Charles Sep 9 '17
    Quote from neyamiko I

    My best advice make your self hate them. Come to the realization that cigarettes are disgusting because they are. Then stop thinking about them and live life! 

    I know I know easier said then done! Good luck!

    As basic & simple as this sounds it's actually the most logical approach, brilliantly basic actually.
    Zach Black Owner
    Zach Black Sep 9 '17
    Vape or smoke meth.
    pyro Sep 12 '17

    Quote from DevillaSatania I found out that vaping doesn't work I would advise everyone to quit coldturkey It's about starving the nicotine If that doesn't works you can also think about nicotine chewing gum or plasters
    Some people can't go cold turkey I tried going cold turkey once and I was moody as hell from the nicotine withdraw and most of my family could not stand me lol. 
    XG17 Dec 11 '17
    I stopped smoking four years ago. I never really became a nonsmoker. I became a smoker that hasn't had a cigarette in Four. Fucking. Years. 
    Galeazzo62 Member
    Galeazzo62 Dec 15 '17
    Zyban, though I think in the US they have another name. With a lot of people they take away the desire to smoke. thats how I stopped.
    Berardo Rodriguez Member
    Berardo Rodriguez Jan 8 '18
    If you want to quit smoking just have a little bit of pride like those  proud high minded  religious persons who think they are better than those who smoke, and that pride will elevate you one  step above the ones you'll consider weaker and unstable in the autocontrol- self-esteem. 
    VenusSatanas Jan 8 '18
    I quit smoking and started vaping. currently using a target pro vape, with a ccell coil. Not only can i choose my flavor, im no longer supporting big tobacco. I hate how much i spent on cigarettes over the years. I enjoy vaping now and Im glad I made the switch. I tried switching years ago back in 2009 but there was nowhere the amount of variety in vape devices or vape brands that there is today. my advice: switch to vape. youll be happier :D
    Zach Black Owner
    Zach Black Feb 5 '18

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