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whatugawkinat May 19 '17
 Yes, West Virginia is still a thing (to those who didn't know we were to begin with...you ain't missing much), and yes, we DO have internet connection! But without further ado, let me introduce myself. My name is Will Shaffer, from here, there and everywhere, West (by "god") Virginia.

 I joined this site for the sole purpose of furthering my knowledge of society, science (fact) and how things have changed within the two over the years (centuries even). In other words, as a dude living in small town Nowhereville, I want to communicate and hell, maybe interact with like-minded individuals who wish to eliminate a society of sheep-minds and robots, in hopes of achieving a world of peace (within reason) and prosperity...before it's too late...all under the name of "Satan", the Opposer...a title I hold dear to myself.

 With all this being said, and an introduction given, I'd like to say this. I am open to any discussion, any belief (or lack thereof) and have many dreams i wish to pursue (even though I may be lazy at times). Stemming from a Fundamental Baptist family, I have seen quite the rage, anger and frustration being acted out upon those like us...those who even remotely consider ourselves "different". I learned to ask questions that I was afraid to answer, tell truths that fell of deaf ears and live a life of freedom I haven't opened up to. Through countless interactions, thought processes and lessons learned, I stumbled across Anton Lavey and his works. Do I full-heartedly agree with every single word he spoke or written...I find it hard to say no...yet I embraced the mentality and found myself able to connect with his ideals and goals. Following the web of the "occult" and "evil", I wandered across more and more and more things that reinforced my beliefs and though processes...thus ultimately bringing me here. With all of this winded wording typed and embedded into the world wide web's database for all to see...I welcome you all and hope to learn and contribute as much as possible to a cause I FULLY believe.
 Hail Satan, be safe and don't hesitate to tell me to shut up!
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