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JohnBoullan May 25 '17

My name is Luithian and I am a Classical Theistic Satanist with many years experience studying, practicing and teaching.

Satanism is my passion and I uphold Satan as a real Spiritual force as I do His Demons, this natural to me after so many decades working with them directly through Infernal Communion and the Arts of Satanic Occult Science.

Seeking to make friends, contacts and Kindred with those who also share such beliefs and have a strong interest in the Black Arts of the Satanic Path.

I am a personal Tutor in the Satanic Black Arts as well as Planetary Magick and LHP Goetia.

I am also joint Founder of TCC, a small Satanic Conclave dedicated to the study, practice, exploration and evolution held within Magickal Texts which have been gleaned through Communion with Demonic Spirits and many decades of research and experimentation.

Always glad to communicate with those who hold a serious interest and passion for Theistic Satanism and the Arts of Black Magick.

Satanic Salutations

Luithian Elmek

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