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I've been here a hot minute, but never got around to introducing myself.

I'm Emily. I'm more of a devotional Satanist than a witch. I work with the occult, but only when I have to. I like to reserve magic ritual for when the situation really calls for it. This is in part because I have many different desires, many of which contradict one another, but mostly because I lack the proper experience to pull it off. I'll get there.

Don't get me wrong, I work with lower magic all the time. It's more my domain to live a powerful and charged mundane life in the name of Satan than jump through hoops more than a few times a month as a simple ritual in Satan's honor.

Dedicating oneself and ones actions to this particular deity is by my experience the only way to receive messages from the "source". This is what drew me to Satanism and why I could never go back. Furthermore, Satan gives you the tools to seize the key moments in life and make them work in your favor. It's pretty awesome.

So yeah. That's a good place to start, right? Message me for any reason! :D

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