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Malicious Jun 12 '17
Hi everyone. I am a Satanist for about 6 months now. I have been saved from the deception of the Abrahamic faith and I've never felt better.

Before I committed myself to Satan I always knew I had some astral and LD gifts but had no control over them. I still am learning and thanks to Lucifer and Azazel I am learning at a slow and steady pace. It's like Lucifer is careful with me. At first I just dove into the deep end. I had my kundalini awakening rather soon and experienced some crazy unpleasant things which is why I believe Lucifer is teaching me from the beginning.  Things like achieving a trance state. I have a few conditions which make it almost impossible for me to quiet my mind and focus on energy or any kind of communication with spirits. I had no idea I was actually learning but he has used my problem with sleep to help me allow my whole body to relax and feel asleep while my mind is awake and thinking. 

Unfortunately I have not established a strong bond with him. There are so many interpretations of theistic satanism that I habhave e decided to ask Lucifer to show me the truth on his own. I believe that will take time but so far I have a few basics down and that is enough for now. I love this path. I came looking for magic skills to wreak havoc on people who hurt my kid when in fact I found something else. I love demonology. I use the term demonology loosely because I believe them to be daemons worthy of respect but this is the correct I use it 

So far I have dedicated myself twice(i wasnt satisfied the first time), had a mini solo black mass and renounced Jehovah and his son. I broke covenant and created one with Satan. I have had encounters with a few spirits whose names I do not know but were strong enough to remove me from my body and take me to other realms. I have invoked Azazel. I have evoked a few others. I have offered my blood to both Lucifer and Azazel in hopes of forming strong relationships and learning from them.

A few days ago I heard "I AM teaching you" which was awesome because I had been feelinv disconnected and as if my 3rd eye is shut now but I realized that I've been learning.  I guess it's baby steps for me and thats okay if it's best. 

I have a long way to go but Azazel was the one who initiated first contact which is why I sought him and I found out he teaches everything astral as well as crafting skills. I plan to create pendants with sigils and stones so learning how to weld and craft is a must. 

Feel free to add me. I love learning and relating with like minded people. 

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Malicious Jun 12 '17

Quote from Dæmonium Mauritius Gundisalvus II Hallo Malicious!,

It is by all ways very good to know of others who are devoted to the cause, especially when they are gifted. I wish you all the best in your personal endeavors, may you find what you seek & prosper. In regards to forming A stronger bond, don't sell your self seems as though you have A strong enough bond than what some of us (like my self) could ever have. Do not relent, do not surrender...The Four Crown Princes (& the rest of our benefactors) have A better appreciation for serious commitment unlike The Tyrannical Elohim under Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh (trust me on this, they are worth shit as are the Wiccans who are but proxy auxiliaries for them)!

¡¡¡¡¡¡666 HAIL FATHER SATAN 666!!!!!!


      ~MG2 [s.s.s.] >:).

I appreciate your words. Thanks. I'm certain that I am on the best side now
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