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TheairIBreathe666 Sep 1 '17
So this morning I was diagnosed with kidney failure.has anyone been diagnosed with it or know of anyone who has.im having a rough time coping with it I've suffered with kidney stones for 6 years and as of Wednesday I've been in really bad pain till today I got my results.i also have multiple infections in my stomach and they found some weird mass in my lung it may be pneumonia.im not one to really vent I'm just scared and nervous
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 10 '17
Don't be scare my little one, just continue going to the doctors and take the prescriptions. Drink a lot of water every day, try to avoid coffee of food with a lot of pepper or spiced food. Breath enough in the mornings, go closer to the woods amd get the most oxigen your lungs need. Get closer to natural medicine. I wish you the best healty body to enjoy life.
neyamiko Oct 21 '17
wow they really put a wammy on you. I would start meditating more and do healing magic. Also try to change your life style to a more healthy one. 
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