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Calvin Sep 18 '17

If you use it you lose it. If you don’t use it you don’t lose it. Two evil outcomes, no good answer. Perform the positive act and use it, you’ll lose it. If you perform the negative act of not using it you can’t use it. Take your arms for example. Eventually they wear thin. You could not use them and keep them for longer, but then you wouldn’t use them for whatever but you wouldn’t be able to complete the tasks.

The Universe is has parts of it that are super evil. Consider the Ying Yang symbol. The slight good or white in the black side allows it to continue and grow, whereas the black of the white side causes it to do may things, one being stay stagnant in evil ways. It’s so one sided.

What do you think so far?

Calvin Sep 18 '17
I'm thinking of compiling reasons in an Evil Manifesto an spreading it so the truth may be revealed. But I am open to opposing ideas.
Chiron Sep 18 '17
Life's a bitch and then you go to hell.
Calvin Sep 20 '17
Why not sell your soul to get yourself a plot in hell?
Calvin Sep 22 '17
I wish these philosophers where actually like Godly and gave their reasons for this. Instead it's just up to us and we don't always get these answers. 

But I believe the Universe is absolutely evil. 

OxC Sep 26 '17

Quote from Luxex

Depends on what you mean by [how one defines and understands] "evil."

I wrote an essay a while back about the "evil" force in nature. I'll quote the relevant part, which might help you:

[begin quote]

And so to me right now, Satan is something real I can observe in the real world. The clue to what Satan is, is hidden in the meaning of the word “Satan,” meaning things like “adversary,” “enemy.” Another clue to what Satan is, is hinted at in the book of Job where Satan actually makes his first real appearance in the bible. Job is afflicted with Adversities in life. He suffers, meets up with trial, tribulation, and hardships. Being raised both a Christian and a Buddhist, it didn’t take me long to find this same “Satan” in Buddhism, which helped me further understand just what exactly Satan is in the real world.

The story about the Buddha begins when his mother- the queen - was pregnant with him. By tradition and culture, this queen and her husband the king went to see a fortune teller to learn a few things about their child. The fortune teller reveals that if the child remains within the royal palace, he will grow up to one day be a great king who will rule the whole known world. If he ever leaves that palace, he will be a pauper and beg for alms for the rest of his life.

So the king raised Gautama [Buddha] enclosed in the royal palace, which he was never allowed to leave. The king shielded his son Gautama from the ugliness of life by forbidding such things as old people, sick people, ugly people, diseased people, peasants, farm laborers, etc from entering the palace. Only healthy, beautiful people were allowed inside the palace. And the king gave his son Gautama a harem of wives and concubines and gifts of gold, the best food in the kingdom. So for the first few decades of his life, young Gautama lived in such an opulent life, oblivious to the world outside his palace.

One fateful day, the guards at the palace entrance fell asleep, and the gate was left opened and unprotected. Not knowing she wasn’t allowed into the palace, an elderly woman walking with a cane walks into the palace to make a complaint to the king about how her people in her village were starving. The elderly lady was said in some versions of the story to be an “angel/deva” in human disguise. So the elderly lady wanders and found young prince Gautama. The young prince at first was horrified. He had never seen an elderly person before. Prince Gautama thought the elderly lady was a demon and yelled for the guards. As the guards were coming the elderly lady told Gautama that she wasn’t a demon. She was just an old lady who had come to ask the king for food to feed her village.

Curious the Prince asked the elderly lady why she looked the way she did and why she walked with a cane. The elderly lady says: “How I look, is how all humans look when we get old. Our beauty fades, our teeth fall out, our skin wrinkles, our back is bent, we need a cane to walk about. You too prince, will grow old and look like me one day.” With that, the guards had come and dragged her out and away.

Meeting that elderly lady caused the young prince to realize inside that all this time, he had been living a sheltered life, inside the walls of his palace. And the life and world of that palace was fake. That he had been living inside an illusory world, a delusional world, an idealistic world, which wasn’t real. That there was a whole different world beyond the walls of his palace.

And so one day, Prince Gautama dressed up as a commoner and ran away from home by jumping the walls of his palace, to see the outside world. He wanders around and sees the real world. The story says that Prince Gautama during his wandering encounters what are called the “Four Adversities.” These were: 1) Old Age, 2) Sickness, 3) Death, & 4) a Shramana.

The first three symbolized the universal Adverse Conditions of mortal existence. All mortal creatures suffer old age, sickness/disease, and death. These three symbolizes the universality of this Force of Adversity in the Natural Order. Natural Order meaning nature and the physical world. That in this Natural Order there exists an adversarial condition of some kind, which is always present called “Shram.” The Shramana was a person who believed that only by facing Shram, by struggling with this adversarial condition of the natural world, can one truly be enlightened about the mysteries of life. “Shramana” means “One Who Struggles,” similar to what the Arabic word “Jihadi” means in one sense.

After meeting the four adversities, the Buddha goes on a quests to figure out why we humans are born in this life, only to suffer from adversity. For a while Gautama followed various gurus and sects, but he was never satisfied with answered he learned. So one day he retreated into the forest and decided to be a Shramana, to find the answer to his questions by himself. In Theravada Buddhism, the process of you going about using intuitive understanding to find answers to your own questions about life, the world, self, and reality is called “Sambuddhi.” Sam meaning “Oneself/Same” and Buddhi meaning “Intuitive Realization.”

So, from those two ancient sources of insight, we see a common current. We see that life or nature has a quality or character or condition to it which is Adverse, which is an Adversity to all mortal creatures, which causes suffering, trial, tribulation. And that against this Force of Adversity, we must struggle.

And so interestingly, we read in the piles of manuscripts of the Order of Nine Angles about the Devil Card of the Tarot this topical insight:

Sinister awakening - Nature as it is, raw and unaffected. That primal awareness of the vibrance of life that possesses and creates the ‘accuser’, that provokes acts that challenge the existence of the ‘sacred’. The real meaning of liberation unchained by temporary abstract ideas; the laughter of the savage, wild god. Terror to the uninitiated.” –CB, Septanery Tree of Wyrd

And the insights of Atu 7, [the seventh trump], symbolizing Azoth/Satanas, from the same book: The Menstruum - the Sinister aspect implicit within the ‘homogenous metallic water’: the explosive factor in the delicate balancing of life-enhancing elements. Change by adversity – the ‘Accuser’. The brutal realities that threaten to devour the abstract, the romantic. Insight and control via the understanding of the Primal - or destruction by it.

Nature itself – the Natural Order – is Adversarial and challenging. Nature in the raw: is primal, savage, and wild. The “Accuser” – Satan the Adversary – is that Force of Adversity which is born and created from raw nature. And it is this Force of Adversity in the Natural Order that changes us. Nature, in the Sinister Tradition of ONA is Baphomet:

Baphomet has, in the past, been assumed to be, or come to be regarded as, The Dark Goddess, the violent, bloody, fecund Mistress of Earth, who is also mistress-bride-mother of Satan.”--Pseudo-Mythology and Mythos Lovecraft, The Dark Gods, and Fallacies About The ONA

If Satan is the Adversarial Force in nature, then Satanism is simply the vehicle that leads the Satanist to the direct experience and apprehension of Satan. That is the most basic and fundamental definition of Satanism I can come up with from my experience which fits into one sentence: Satanism is a means which leads a person into the direct experience and apprehension of Satan the Force of Adversity in Nature. And that is how simple Satanism is. As ONA explains it:

[Begin Quote]

The essence of genuine Satanism can be simply stated: it is a way to inner development, the goal of which is a new individual. This way involves three essential stages and these exemplify the spirit of that way and the individuals who follow it.

The first is direct experience, the second is direct practice and the third self-development. The first involves direct experience of both the external 'world' and the inner (or psychic) 'world' through striving to achieve certain goals both practical and magickal. The second involves using 'practical' (or causal) and 'magickal' (or acausal) energies to manipulate others, situations and energies in a practical way - producing changes in accord with certain goals. The third involves beginning the process again but starting from the new level of self-understanding and ability attained -pursuing different (and probably more complex) goals

A Satanist is an individual explorer - following in the footsteps of others (and perhaps using their guide books) but always seeking further horizons, daring to defy convention (in ideas as well as in morals and attitude) yet part of an evolutionary succession enabling what is experienced to be understood and become beneficial. For this reason, a genuine Satanist understands tradition as important and necessary - the culmination of centuries of insight and experience a useful guide which enables further progress and exploration: a starting point for that inner and outer journey which is begun by Initiation, as well as a map of the way chosen and followed. --ONA, The Tradition of the Sinister Way, OTONEN

[End Quote]

--Source: archive.org/stream/NexionZine1.3/Nexion%20Zine%201.3#page/n15/mode/1up

[end quote]

I would disagree in seeing or modeling the universe as a mechanical machine personally.

Syncreticism...dig it; although Western philosophy prevents the need for it. What is your thoughts pre-Socratic philosophy? Just asking to satisfy my curiosity...
Calvin Dec 22 '17

Nearly everything breaks down and is recycled. This means that all organisms except the immortal jellyfish will die, before their deaths becoming less and less good at living life and all structures breakdown, even those created by nature.

It takes energy to do stuff and you have to replenish the energy which you might not.

You have to learn the rules of life, and they can be confusing. And they usually get it, but the rules of life can be  very hard to understand.

You have very little choice in any matter, and this does not always lead to beneficial things. But sometimes you get the choice, but even when you do it’s rarely the best choice. Usually, I’d wager a good choice, but not usually the best.

You always think but never know, except in some instances. Which can be good. Dying without the foresight of knowing you are going to die can be a blessing.

Every animal eats something else, and usually the something else is eaten alive. Though some get their food from the sun.

We’re all hindered by biological traits somehow.  Though sometimes this helps us. But it is rare that it helps us.

It is actually very hard to know what another person communicated sometimes. But usually we get the gist.

It usually seems like the good thing might happen, not that it will. Though sometimes the bad thing only might happen, not will happen.

And to me it really seems like the good fights and takes some spoils of war, but not only at what cost but also it still has the general shiftiness of the Universe to deal with. But if we work together we can combat this shittyness until our hour of death comes. But is it good to be at war your whole life? This “combat” would never cease and is it really worth the effort to combat it? I don’t know, but I do what I believe is right in most instances. Sometimes I do not, though on a whole I try to.

DO you think these are good proofs? Which ones are good, which are bad?

Calvin Dec 22 '17

Most of the people get very up in arms about certain things they have not proven. Some peoples actions they believe are good are in fact not.

Calvin Dec 24 '17
Well this is a generally bad thing, AK47.
Quote from Calvin

Most of the people get very up in arms about certain things they have not proven. Some peoples actions they believe are good are in fact not.

Calvin Dec 24 '17
A christian bombs an abortion clinic. A muslim beheads a jew. A satanist sacrifices another person. There are plenty of instances where this happens.
Calvin Dec 24 '17
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism Here's this. You can look at the sources. 
Calvin Dec 24 '17
Even assuming that's the case, and it hasn't been in the past, it's still a bad thing that happens in the Universe. 
Calvin Dec 24 '17
Also, even if these are outliers (and despite the fact that we have news stories to get a general feel we really don't know) I have proven that they are bad. Check mate.
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