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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 14 '17
The greatest mindfuck faith ever gave people was the belief their experience with the law of averages is personalized.

Peaks and valleys surround your median and bias gives one an illusion one way or the other...

When everything is going good the tendency of many in society is to call it "a blessing", almost like that good fortune is a personalized little gift or "doing it right". Conversely, the tendency is to infer "punishment" when you hit that inevitable lull. 

In any case the experience, whether peak or valley influences the "gnostic" mindframe of most.  This seems firmly rooted in an apparent specialness (in the macrocosmic sense) one places on their own value.

Quite fucking simply the world suffers from some stalker syndrome, only with divinity. The basis of "faith" is the guy who finds some excuse, any excuse, why that bitch across the street shares his feelings.

To put it to analogy:  It's like believing saying, "I predict a 7.0+ magnitude earthquake will hit the Southern Pacific this week", and using it as a measure of your prophetic ability... 

In this regard, faith has failed this world. 

The only thing one can control is how well they are prepared for the obligatory "Hand of Statistics".

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 15 '17

The "strange attractor" almost sounds like a book 4/law of attraction argument.  I'm going to just guess what you mean.


I don't buy it.

The interchangeable  "god answered my prayers" or "my will to power", being anything other than a driven individual and the aberration of "shit happening". This, for a very logical reason.

Driven people do driven things, they are in more places, and interact with more people. They have a statistical increase in their odds for opportunity to present themselves. 

If you sit at home alone and do nothing and interact with no one, opportunity will never present itself for a very real and direct reason.

Non-linear connectivity can lick my ass.
I do not think ones belief has any effect outside of ones positive attitude, which makes other people more inclined to help you and so on.

Once again if you're a negative asshole that shits on everything less opportunities will present themselves. 

The reason an approach of varility/muliebrity (learned a new word) works has nothing to do with attractors beyond the attractiveness of confidence, in an interpersonal sense. 

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