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David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
Hi, my alias is David Shmosh so you can call me that if you like.  I was born in 1991 and was raised a Christian.  I went to Kids Inc. (a summer Christian camp) up until the age of 14 and also went to Awana (Christian boy scouts) when I was little.  I enjoyed these events growing up and most of my family are Christians.  By the time I reached 21 years of age I had started claiming that I am an Atheist and I have never looked back.  How I had got to that point doesn't really matter so I wont get into it.  I have been an Atheist for 6 years now and I feel like because I was raised in a religious environment, I long for a community that shares similar views.  I mean lets be honest, two atheists can lack a belief in a deity yet still be very far apart when it comes to philosophy and the way they think.  So with the little bit of background I have shared, I would like to learn more about Satanism.  Where do I start, what do I read?  What is magic?  Do I need to believe in a deity to be a "Satanist?" What is the difference between traditional satanism and atheistic satanism?  Is this a philosophy/ religion that is right for me?  I'm lost in so many questions but would love to learn more and see where I belong in all of this.  Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

-David Shmosh
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Dec 15 '17
David: There are many books in the "Library " section within this Satanic site, check it out , there you'll find a lot of answers to your questions. Read the variety of forums in this SIN , in them you'll find more answers and intriguing questions that will ignite your desire of learning and you'll have to get more books outside to  find answers, but there will be some questions that you will be the only one who will give them the right answer . Take advantage of meeting real Satanists behind computers and some #"@####$%^&*^$# that will test your intelectual muscles and roughness to prepare you for the real life Satanic encounters. Enjoy Hell and get power fros the Abyss.
David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
Thank you so much for the reply but I am wanting to talk as well.  would you like to join my discord server?  It is completely private and link invite only

Lets actually talk about this

David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
Great.  Nothing hotter than an adult who tries to meme.   Are you here to have an actual conversation or are you here to out meme Ajit Pai? 
David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
lol very welcoming.  I'm just new and want to learn.
Retired Dec 15 '17


You seem to hold a few misconceptions about Satanism, so let me clarify a couple of the more important points.

Firstly, there is no coherent philosophy that binds us together, and most of common ground is the focus on solitary development and individual expression. If you are looking for a choir you will be sadly disappointed. Most of our interaction is either fighting or trolling each other.  It's a bit dog eat dog.

As for what you should study..the answer is everything, and then come to your own conclusions, which if you do correctly, you should be able to define and defend by your own wits and knowledge.

Sure, there are a few groups and temples and churches you can join to receive a party line, but most of us tend not to bother with those.

As for where to start, the answer is with your own curiosity.

I'll give you some fun terms to Google though.

Order of Nine Angles, Church of Satan, Temple of Set, Joy of Satan, Autodiabolic.

Have fun!

David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17

Thank you for being real.  I will be doing some homework now.
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 16 '17
Some advice David. It makes it so much more easier for the person reading your post if you would space out a few sentences now and again. 
The Forum post is edited by Zach Black Dec 16 '17
David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 19 '17
Yeah I just realized that Zach.  I'll keep that in mind for future posts.
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