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Someone123 Dec 27 '17
Hello, everyone from Ohio. I am new to the site and I was wondering what everyone thinks of Christians.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 27 '17
Ooooo, I love these questions.

And I'll even give a non troll answer. 

Every society, no matter how secular, has a dominant nomos. The key driver of social norms is a reflection of the majority belief. And, of course the language it's written in. Sanskrit derivatives went vedic, arabic derivitives eventually went haji, Hebrew stayed cheap, and Latin went West.  There were some noted conversions.  Nordic and pagan absorbing into Christianity for one. 

Much in the way people breed ethnicities people breed belief.  Christianity was the winner in the west. 

Now except for some non dual eastern conceptions I put ALL into the same category of unsubstantiated claims, urban legend and folk narratives attempting to answer hostile unknowns in a way that satisfies the human need to feel special and/or comforted. 

I see most of these faith narratives, and dualist conceptions to be contrived and filtered through a bias lens.

I feel this has been conditioned into society through successive generations, like any other mammalian survival trait.  The diverse nature of nomos across the world all acting relatively the same, specificly with assimilation practice shows a preference for subsets within a larger population.  Its a rooted (hunter gatherer) tribal mindset trying to apply itself beyond its capacity.

Even the new religion, secular humanism, is up its own ass with diversity mandates and bullshit awareness conferences. Just more of the same old shit.

So to put it simply: As I do muslims, scientologists, secular humanists, most that call themselves satanists, and borg.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 30 '17
To quote old Corrosion of Conformity:

Living and dying together never did nothing at all. Except for the few who got rich off of you and the rest that were herding like sheep.

I mean realistically trying to expand togetherness beyond the limits of the tribe rooted mind is foolish and unrealistic. Yet again, Dunbar's Number reigns.  You can create bonding and trust, but there is a cap to how many you can share traits with and emotionally connect with, and even that takes an establishment via antecedent behavior. 

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