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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Feb 15 '18
Just a heads up everyone. I will be going through the links area and cleaning out stuff that really should not be in there. Such as your social media sites, your favorite bands ect. There are places in the forms to put that stuff. 

The links need to be relevant to Satanism and informative. 

Retired Feb 15 '18
I wouldn't do that job again for a paycheque.

I have been reminded why I don't moderate other peoples boards.

Pusher Mod
Pusher Feb 15 '18
Well Dread that explains my Mod tag. I guess I will go check it out. :)
Pusher Mod
Pusher Feb 15 '18
Well this is retarded. My tag says Mod but my permissions are the exact same as before. I tried to kick TITS over there in the balls but my foot does not reach. 
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