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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Feb 15 '18
So there are several ways you folks that enjoy using this network can help out. Obviously we accept donations always. But, there are other simple free ways to ' donate ' too. 

1. Social Media -

Never underestimate the power of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit ect.. SIN would not be where it is today as the most active social network site for Satanist if it was not for social media. 

Youtube specifically is how SIN was launched and why this place gets 7-10 users on the average wanting to join.  All of my most viewed videos on youtube all have the website URL for SIN on them. I got like 40 million video views. That is a lot of people seeing that URL.  Facebook to 7k users in the SIN group. 

Sorry my point is there are social media share buttons on every page and nearly every blog, forum , pic, ect. Push that shit. Share it. Spread it. There is a facebook like and share button on the front page.. use it. 

Now I understand if you are in the closet about your Satanism and do not want people to know you are on this site. That is cool. But, for the rest of you who do not care or are outed already fuck it. Share. Simple as pressing a button. 

Social media is the new way for advertising and driving traffic of any kind. The reason SIN is the dominate social networking site of its kind is because of social media. That is basically it . Those other networks, sites, whatever did not dry up because they sucked ( okay some of them ) but because they failed to promote correctly on social media. I know right... but it is really that simple. I watched them try and all failed. 

So that is it. If you click a couple share buttons once a week awesome. It may not seem like much but if everyone who was able to do so did it once a week... every week there would be thousands of SIN ads being posted. 


Epicurus Member
Epicurus Feb 15 '18
Noted :) 
Retired Feb 15 '18
why this place gets 7-10 users on the average wanting to join.

I would say the reason for that is the same reason you barely see any of those users log on.

If you wait long enough between approvals the number gets bigger, but people also get sick of waiting and go somewhere else.

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Seth Mar 25 '18
Do you accept bitcoin / crypto @zackblack?
Behemoth Mar 29 '18

Quote from Seth Do you accept bitcoin / crypto @zackblack?
Good question!  I would like to know as well.
If not then maybe someone can set it up.  ;)  ;)
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