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TheTallOne85 Mar 3 '18
Been "following" "God" for years now. I am fed up with being judged by pastors. Tired of the Church politics from other christians who claim to be holy even though they lie cheat and steal. And theyll do so to then turn around and shit on someone else and claim that they are above another because they are..saved. 

Im tired of praying to somehting that doesnt exist, yet has the power to leave me brainwashed and worried about "eternal damnation" My miracles were delusions. My faith was empty and every goddamn hillsong praise song is repetitive and after seeing them wear YSL and adidas in their videos, I lost respect for them and along with all of the other songs with repetitive messages in the choruses of their songs.
Ive lost so much time and effort into living "Righteously".
I do Love the teachings of various satanic belieifs. Some including, compassion, respect for others bodies, only sharing opinions when necesary, fighting against the religious right.
 and I as well am pretty damn impressed with a certain organization that wants to put satanic organizations in after school programs to offer children other opportunity outside of christian programs. 
I am a pansexual who has always been one to challenge others into understanding what true love is. is there anyone else out there thats local that I can chat with? Im a great guy..just have been mislead for a long time.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Mar 18 '18
Wellcome to  this Lakeof fire of KNOWLEDGE  that will clean you up all the #$#@@&%$ the religionists put in your mind.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Mar 18 '18
Above everything get Satanic KNOWLEDGE, your exgod hates that,  it is because when you get it, you become like him and  he doesn't like the competition , but he is afraid of being cast  out of  delusional business. 
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