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crononauta Apr 10 '18

Very good day, my name is Guillermo, and I have been interested for many years with sending me a message to a specific month of 2008, due to a personal and family situation that caused me very painful situations, recently in another forum a person told me that there is a ritual to invoke a soul in pain or loss and that in this way I can get a message to myself as if it were a dream at that time of my life, gave me a little information that will use 3 blue, yellow candles and orange, two mirrors, on a sheet the person I love most and most hate and a very precious object for me, and that this ritual I must do on Thursdays at night at 12 o'clock and lasts that the candles take to be consumed, He just did not send me the words or he was just joking with me.

but I would like to know if there is a possibility of being able to send a message to myself, and if someone has tried, you can contact me at my email

I would love them a lot ...

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 10 '18
Unfortunately thoughts are in the electromagnetic spectrum and limited by the same constraints as light. Everything outside this block space/time is not relevant to linear methods of measurement.  I.e. can't travel through time.

Moreover, something already travelling at the speed of light is not subject to relativistic dilation, lacking properties of acceleration.

The only way is to construct a ship to go 99.99% the speed of light that you personally pilot. You must keep it going around the earth. The catch is, you can only go to the future. I mean, you wont actually go to the future, you just wont age. 

More exotic theories include the work of Dr. Emmit Brown who achieved deterministic time travel (never mind that Biff could never return to the same 'present' he left) with the invention of a "flux capacitor". 

Good luck.

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