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Owner/Admin May 16 '18
Alright we are here and for the most part not to buggy but time will tell.  Here is what we got just to name of a few that did not slip my mind. 

New Chat Room - AK gift to the party. We will be testing that out shortly.  

Who viewed me - Not it shows which creepers are perving out on your stuff.

Profiles - Not sure why this is now I though we had this but now you can play around and customize you profile more. 

Groups - Same thing more friendly 

Facebook connect - Nope I killed that one. 

Virtual gifts. Now you can give people gifts  like teddy bears and bones. 

Speed- This host for the time being is faster especially on phones. 

Lots of tweeks on my end which you will be seeing shortly. 

There is more I just do not remember,


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