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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 23 '18
First off what do you guys think? Suggestions? Second, I need the color code CSS / HTML for the shade of blue in the header that wraps around the lettering. As you can tell by the shades of blue links I do not know WTF it is....thanks.

Whoever gives me the accurate code to match the the shade of blue around the lettering in the header gets a gift! Basically I am trying to make all the links on the site that color. 

Also, the header is centered in firefox but not chrome. Different resolutions seem to fuck up the alignment to. Any suggestions and how centered is it on your end. 

AK May 23 '18
Chrome doesn't like the width attribute on inline elements such as DIV.

*Edit: because Oxwall is PHP-driven, this change would have to made to this file ow_themes\darklets\master_pages\general.html 

like so:


<div style="background: url({$imageControlValues.headerImage.src}) no-repeat; height: {$imageControlValues.headerImage.height}px;"></div>


<div style="height: {$imageControlValues.headerImage.height}px;"><img src ="url({$imageControlValues.headerImage.src})" width=100% height=100%/></div>

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 24 '18
Thank you for the color code and your gift awaits in your inbox.
Quote from T. Volt

4178c8 is the HTML CSS notation for your shade of blue.

The light in the center of the star is a little bright. The new text ain't bad.

Its been too long for me to give great advice, but once I built a site and you had to have a "fixed" table, so that everything would line up and not move with the browser size. Mind you, that was basic HTML stuff long ago, but I think I had the same issue with a website I was playing around with and it solved the problem.

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