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Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Sep 13 '14
I suppose that I could introduce myself to the new people that I have never met or have never met me. Although, I must admit, I feel like you'd get a better picture of me if you actually conversed with me but hi ho here we go.

I'm Org or Lexi, as most people call me. I have been a part of SIN for nearly as long as it has existed also being an admin for a majority of that time. Definitely not my first rodeo.

I can be a bit cocky and rough around the edges at first but after that.. well I guess that's really up to you. I am a Chaoist/Discordian.. depending upon the day. :)

Anything else.. feel free to track me down.

nith Sep 13 '14

It seems funny after all this time and seeing you now do an introduction. I guess technically this is a new site even though I just classed it as SIN 2.0 ;-)

Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Sep 14 '14
I had a rather wordy one, I think, "back in the day". I have one from years back at 600 too that does anything but embody who I am today. This actually turned out much better than I thought it would. Honestly, I am not a real big fan of introductions. Especially when it's me introducing myself. :)
nith Sep 17 '14

I think my first introduction was about 500 words. I am also not big on introductions so just listed where on LHP I was and what ideas were pretty solid at that time (some of those ideas are still solid and others have been toned or ditched).

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