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Bigbull Sep 19 '18
how is everyone and what you all been up to is there anyone from the uk if so where abouts are you from as would like to set a meet up 
AK Sep 19 '18
I am fine, thanks. I am not from the UK, and have other countries to visit on my list. I likely won't get there until 2023-ish. 

Meet-ups are as highly encouraged as they are strongly cautioned against. It's iffy mainly because "Satanism" just isn't a well-defined term. You might learn the hard way you're not speaking the same language. It's sort of a weasel-word. Sure. Everyone's read the Satanic Bible, but what they end up doing is spinning it in these directions that___ that are___ um___ "interesting" to say the least.  

It attracts a lot of crazy. Jaw-dropping amounts of it. Especially here, because it's not the C/S and there's no real dogma order to it that you'd find with, say, LttD, Order of the Serpent, whatever else got a way with having  BBS. As long as you can articulate what it means to you and don't bother the other folks, you're good. 

For all I know, you might actually be that type of crazy. This is coming from a guy that both wears and speaks to harlequin masks every. single. day. (and also drinks his own pee just "cuz")

I actually don't know where we're at with the Chapter-Head idea, but I personally am not against it, and would like to see that make a come-back. That's a huge liability, though. I actually get knocks on my door for things I mostly had nothing to do with. Monthly. It gets old fast. If you're willing to organize such a venture, step up your game, establish a presence, talk to Zach, prove that you're not a danger to self / or others, get the approval to do so, and set up a group. But keep in mind, this is your deal. I don't know, condemn, nor condone you. 

'Best of luck.


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Bigbull Sep 20 '18
I understand what your saying some people might find me a bit nuts or mental lmao and I would agree plus have the paperwork to prove lmfao. Only place they do have a temple is in the London area which is a 5hour car journey for me and thats just one way this is why I would like to bring a meet to a area close to me 
AK Sep 20 '18
"we" don't actually know you. Establishing a presence will take you pretty far. 

-Blogs are the safest way to go about it. You can write nearly whatever there. It's your blog to do almost (almost) anything with. 

-The shoutbox is also a thing. It sort of has rules, but you have to try hard to break them.

-Forum participation is a bit dicier, but it gets points if done well.

-IM or PMing the user-base randomly is more frowned upon than it once was: what happens is they complain___ to me___ about you___ and then I have to make managerial decisions at a job I don't even make any money at. It never works out well for the PMer.  

If you have interesting things to say that get other people's interest, you've got my implicit approval. 

It would please me greatly that you and all involved enjoy their time here. Stir things up to the best of your abilities. 

Have at it.

^ that's pace I'm aiming to set. What is the other alternative? A type of Christianity centered around that other guy? Drum circles and unwashed genitals? Angsty blog writers? No, we're not doing that. Chin up. We'll be dead before we know it. :)

Get yours.

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