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Zach Black Oct 11 '18
We are working on making the network more mobile friendly for all you cheap fucks that do not wanna pay for cable internet. I have heard so many times we need a ' app ' . Why? So we can have a annoying notification sent to your phone? Lets face it. Nobody fucking likes you anyway. 

The network runs smooth and all features seem to work on android 4.42 up to 7.1. I tested em myself. See....

But, in all seriousness please let us know what kind of problems you are having and on what type of device. Make sure that if you have not already select ' desktop version' . Most of the time there is no need to desktop version is already applied. But if the header is missing and the background is white than it is not. 

Sodivine Oct 12 '18
Ive got no problems Im on a desktop computer though,honestly, I dont know how in the world ppl use a mobile to access social media, i tried it,its fucking really hard to do,no thanks I cant use a tiny computer
AK Oct 13 '18
Obvious problem: it "works" on Android, but that's all it does. Just works. It's not optimized. It's just putting the desktop version on a small device. That actually sucks for a number of reasons. 

Check out Oxwall's site itself on a mobile device. They flat up tell you "merwheg, this feature is not available on a mobile device" 

Not so obvious problem: some people use Apple products. Oxwall themes have well documented compatibility issues with this.

So what is the smart managerial decision? 

a) "Fuck the user-base! it works for me on all versions of the one OS I happen to use. Buy a new device to utilize this service"

b) "Ok, that definitely does suck - I was not aware of the issue - let's find a solution"

The former mentality gets forgotten about. Crushed under the wheel of progress. 

The latter is always - ALWAYS - looking to make things better. 

Selecting the desktop version on a mobile device is, now a days, unacceptable. It is a mobile device, not a desktop. There should be a mobile version and it should work as advertised. We're not talking a mobile "app". We're just talking a mobile version of the site. Something that's not asking a lot - I'm pretty sure a well-rounded theme can handle it. We don't even have to roll-our own. This is not 2012 where things are "iffy" / bleeding edge of technology that may or may not work depending on which device you happen to have - it's 2018 where even MS Visual studio allows me to write Droid Apps! 

We can do better than this. 

And we will.  

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AK Oct 13 '18
Update: Test site will be up later today. We need a few volunteers - preferably ones running iPads and / or iPhones to vet functionality, and a few on the standard Droid / Desktops to run it through the works - report on what works, what doesn't work, what you like, what you don't like.

Note: It will be a test site. One of three in the coming month. After which, we'll decide, based on user input, what to run with. Content will not be preserved in any of these instances, so if you decide to write something insightful on these test sites as, say, a forum topic or blog post, you're going to want to copy/paste it over here to this one - the one you are logged into now. 'Same deal if you happen to catch feels for another beta tester. Everything on this domain stays. Everything on these test sites will eventually go bye-bye. 

Once the decision has been made what the new face of SIN will be, everything on this - the current one - will be moved-over to the new layout. 

Users with time for the old in-out may comment here. If approved, they will be given the URL and credentials to log in with so as to basically go nuts, break stuff, and test it out.

Users who do not have time for this can carry-on, knowing that when all is said and done it's just going to look and behave different at some point soon, and all their stuff will still be here.

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