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Satanic Romance

Satanic Romance

A group created with the intention of developing relationships in real life. Many people have met on this network. Including myself and the married couple I live with. I would start by adding info and a picture of yourself. Do not forget to include where you live an what you are looking for. 
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Zach Black Dec 22 '18
  I forgot I do not have one of these. I did at one point but not anymore. I think I had a GF and took it down or something. Here is a loose model. 

Name - Zachary Blackery 

Age - 42 

Gender - Male

Reside - San Diego ,California USA

Profession - This and That 

Looking For - Woman or Black gay midget professional wrestler. 

 Looking For - 

( Here is where you put some shit down that is interesting about yourself . Something unique and that shows you are sensitive. Hint if you are looking for a woman make up some shit that makes it appear as if you are a good listener. You know... like you actually give a fuck what they are talking about and genuinely interested in their friends, shopping list and fucking pets). Nothing to exciting though or they will think you are full of shit. Nothing to sexual or they think you a pervert. Avoid anything to specific regarding fetishes like you enjoy having sex with fruit the is wearing your sisters wig. Instead say something like you are a health nut and always have extra portions of fruit and veggies ....especially watermelon and cantaloupe. Just mention you and your sister grew up very close to one another). 

  About Yourself - 

I am Zach Black. Blond, blue 5' 10" 160lbs. I created and own this network Satanic International Network. I also created and own Satanic Fashion a shirt company. You might know me from my YouTube channels satanicinternational and thesatanicnetwork. 

Looking For -

I am looking for a female. Someone who has a good sense of humor, reasonably intelligent ( not smarter than me though ) and is proportionate physically. I am not expecting a Swedish bikini model ( bad luck with Tora Wessel  )

 just fit. Kinda like I do not expect a Porche 911 turbo but I do expect you not to be a 78 Cadillac or an Airport Shuttle Van. I am down with a Jetta or Civic. Soft part in my heart for VW Rabitt GTI , Toyota MR2 and 69 Camero. . . . When I go to Vegas I like to lease a Ferarri ...just for one night though. Or Mexico I like to lease a 1980's Ford Fiesta. 

Anyways all you need to see is my YouTube channels and you get a better idea than any boring bullshit I could type here. I am open to different types of relationships both open, casual and serious monogamous too. All depends on the situation and the person. Your religious beliefs I am not to concerned about. If you believe in fairytales and imaginary friends ( Gods or Devils ) I will overlook that so long as you do not expect me to and are not expecting me to go out of my way for holidays, church, prayer, ritual or anything like that. I am more concerned if you posses critical thinking skills and thought process is firmly rooted in logic and reason. . . Oh wait religion and faith are the opposite of logic and reason huh? are women typically. Oh well. 

Finally I like to put a short video or song to really express the real me. You know women associate things visually with there eyeballs not their sense of reason or brain . I suggest something to let them know you are always there for them in a time of need. 

Finally the pictures. Honestly be honest. If you look like a bag of smashed assholes send them that picture when you just got outta jail for prostitution at the gay porn theater and were all dope sick from Heroine and Benzos . Oh ladies .... if you are fat remember we know about the duck face. Also the taking pictures from above your head. We've known about this since about MySpace. 

Oh and photo filters and photoshop. We know about those too. 

They know you are not secretly the singer for Ghost 

Or one from like 20 years ago when you were young and had a better body ..

Last Piece of advice. If you are drunk posting something like this and your real GF sees it because you stepped out to have a smoke and forgot to close the tab... make sure you include pictures of her so that everyone knows you this is just a sample and you are just fucking around. ( You should probably go to bed too and snuggle). 

So there you go... you are sure to meet some people now. 

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