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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19
Here is another one for you to call me an idiot on...

If I gathered it correctly, this paper here says, "Objects that sufficiently warp space create a field within the warping that increases the speed of light by changing the fundimental forces within, such as electromagnetism via pertubation of subspace"

Then I thought about how objects further away are moving away faster than the speed of light, and thought this can haphazardly applied to that.

I considered hypervelocity stars, as things naturally accelerated to near the speed of light. As well as things "further out".  All things further away are moving faster, or at least appear to.

  Perhaps there is a runaway effect when objects approach the speed of light, and have sufficient velocity to warp space it creates a bubble in which the speed of light is increased with respect to other objects, such as Earth. There is never an exceeding of the speed of light just a localized exponential increase of as much relative to other objects based on amount of warping occurring. 

*Or* Objects towards the periphery naturally accelerate faster and faster having been through a denser universe, and what you see are the furthest (likely older) objects warping themselves away from us.  It could also explain the non uniform nature of this accelerated expansion.

Any galaxy (which can also approach the speed of light) with a supermassive black hole should have enough energy to do this. 

It also says an aether MUST exist in order to increase localized speed of light. 

My intuition says dark energy is some sort of artifact of observation and motion and there need not be an outside or speculated influence to accelerate the universe.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19
Well, indulge to mock it?  Unless it really bores you. 

I thought I had enough qualifiers for a theoretical topic... Come on, you people will ponificate in sanskrit, and on occultnic-bullshit while licking the asshole of Thelema and superstition. This is the physics equivalent.  

I mean it speculates an aether/subspace exists but you people prattle on about a whole manner unsubstantiated magic bullshit.

Not that I care what you said, I just don't want to influence it too much with your first response. 

So come on, AK, trash it. I am here to have my "pea-brained" ideas completely dismantled.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19
As a matter of comparison there is a general allowance for all manner of speculative occult shit and not it's science psychobabble equivalent. "You all" as in, "these forums".  

So indulge that there is a subspace (like "you all" do the numinous) and that it exists like a bose-einstein condensate.  And that may be responsible for our laws of physics up to and including the speed of light.  

All I am saying is:  "Maybe those peripheral objects are on the periphery because of their hypervelocity and that there is a "tipping point" just shy of the speed of light where warping exponentially keeps you just shy of ever reaching it.  This would require zero-point space to exist."  

The physics people are boring, take forever to respond, and like discussing ideas so much that that it becomes like talking about possibilities seen in Star Trek. Always ends up with Star Trek, which is fun.

When I took my stolen "Plasma torus" cooled to near absolute zero as "anti-gravity" propulsion, they took issue with viscosity and that it would have to be a fraction above absolute zero. Then that ended up discussing the concept of artificial mass to pull a craft through space when it drifted into the  subject of artificial gravitational fields. (tractor beam)... 

Or not, your choice. 

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Baphomets Aug 25 '19
Dark energy and light energy occur naturally in the universe. It's what brings matter together. Everything of all degrees contain matter that is made up of dark and light. Sometimes the dark manipulates outcomes, sometimes it's the light. But what it truly comes down to is - what are you? A conductor of light or a conductor of dark? The only people that matter and can impact the world in thier own spun way, are conductive to both. 
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19


Well, may no one ever contest you in digital architecture and rendering software.

I have one almost talent that i can do better than some.  Have you heard the first two parts of my symphony?

And even that tries too hard.  Fuck what you know. This started with the concept of "nothingness" in seventh grade and morphed into years of following every Elegant Universe-like documentary that came out, and every relevant Wikipedia page until I understand it. 

Passive interest.


While I look at dark energy like the 11th dimension.

Arises a problem the standard model can't solve. The belief it would slow down flies out the window.  You have observation of further objects moving away faster than the speed of light, so sayeth red shift.

Like using an 11th dimension to answer why so many models of supergravity work. You now have a mysterious "energy" pushing the universe apart in a non-uniform way to answer why it does that. 

Instead assuming a dark energy one can assume the material universe to have come from something like a temporary flux in the laws of physics in a uniform vacuum field.  

Its not a point of balance. While it would be great for there to be a perfect balance of matter and antimatter.  The universe exists BECAUSE of symmetry breaking in The Grand Unification Epoch. 

Then you pit the higgs-boson up against new "X" particles that decay into both a matter component and an anti-matter component in an attempt to clear up a 85-15 discrepancy, that may not be an imbalance at all. The entire electromagnetic spectrum comprises 15 percent of the universe.

Thanks for the comment.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19

Ah, I get it.  I am not qualified enough for your rigid thought to even speculate or have my thoughts considered.

Well, what  about The Sierra Nevedas?

I can tell you for certain how those formed.  

Once upon a time California started as a continental shelf at the edge of the north American plate....  Then one day the conveyer like process of the Farallon Plate's subduction into the mantle changed everything..

That is so verifiable it can be carbon dated. And anyone can look it up and learn.

You have a strange disposition to not take seriously someone without the specific credentials in that field.  

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19

I will continue, and note the minimal effort in which you can get me to write a shitload with.  And the title was a misnomer. 

You can go to Wikipedia,, read about and understand the mechanics of even superfluid vacuum theory without every getting the math.   In superstring theory I can tell you all about super symmetry half spin varience and be correct.  Fuck all, if I can express it. 

I just don't think the inability to write the proof or check it mathematically discounts ones ability to get the concept.

And I am really am saying, "I dont need to be able to express it, to talk about it with the same level (or very near) of understanding as someone who can plug in formulas."  

What lead to this unqualified speculation was the concept of the  "The Alcubierre drive, Alcubierre warp drive",   which is the same thing this paper was on about. I just found the first thing about it and used it. 

Here I will quote the Wiki page on warp drives:

Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre, by which a spacecraft could achieve apparent faster-than-light travel if a configurable energy-density field lower than that of vacuum (that is, negative mass) could be created.

Rather than exceeding the speed of light within a local reference frame, a spacecraft would traverse distances by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it.

The only stupid thing I did (which was enough) was speculate there might be something about supermassive blackholes which may do something similar to a warp drive. 

That was:  "They create their own "dark energy" (negative mass) around the black hole, everything gravitationally bound to black hole accelerates with it.   The dark energy is created by the extreme warping of space by the supermassive black hole. The faster the supermassive blackhole is travelling the greater the warp. 

So if anything, I am being Gene Roddenberry, which I thought might be fun...

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19

Yes. I get relativity, as do you, this seems to work with relativity.

Plus, I thought it was cool.

Black holes can expel antimatter jets. Hawking radiation too.

Perhaps it misses the spontaneously created anti-particle at the event horizon? There seems to be things about about event horizons that create negative mass a number of ways. Symmetry breaking being one.

Why can't energy density in a localized dilation bubble around a supermassive object be an outcome? And what happens if that has a hypervelocity?

I firmly understand I take too many liberties, like inferring hawking radiation is a source of a disproportionate amount anti-particles surrounding a black hole, or that massive objects can behave like a spaceship, but it still fun for me talk about it.  

Warp speed galaxies anyone? 

Meh, nevermind.

As a human, I enjoy inferring with supreme stupidity about that nature of unknown things, until such time as it is deemed retarded. 

In my mind, there is only one place to turn for that. This shit.

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Aug 26 '19

Shit wrong account. 

Yeah I fucked up. And the "call me an idiot" thing was more apt...

The warp thing deals with  "negative pressure" not a negative vaccum.

Anti-matter is equally influenced by the same things as regular matter...

Though supermassive black holes are thought to form from dark matter in some theories... 

As of now: 

Dark energy is the alleged shit accelerating the universe. 

Dark Matter is 85% of matter not visible, said to envelope galaxies. 

"Antimatter has regular mass and accelerates the same way" - So the creation of antiparticle/particle, and one being stripped away (Hawking Radiation) is irrelevant. 

I tried to somehow piece together the following.

Theoretically to warp past the speed of light you need negative pressure density.

Then I add this:

Physicists think that black hole halos should have a different distribution of density to halos made from "exotic particles". These particles aren't made up of the normal subatomic particles we are used to—protons and electrons, for example. Dark matter is, therefore, exotic. 

I thought the pieces might be there to consider the speed of light is slightly greater within gravitational field of the galaxy and blackhole contained by an envelope of exotic particles moving at hyper-velocity.  Dark energy as the effect of dark/exotic matter + a variable pressure field + hypervelocity = Self warping

So to kill this and be done with it. 

The gravitationally bound and accelerated objects must have a perfect configuration of dark/exotic particles as part of its gravitational field to contract and expand space. 

So it's dead now... 

I can't make a galaxy warp like the Enterprise.  

Ummm, I can talk about basalt with some degree of authority?

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Aug 26 '19

Almost missed this.

What I mean is that, from what little I can parse of what he's going on about anyway, is that he thinks negative mass = dark matter. 

And that is because it does.  If you need an authority on that, here you go.

I still like my bullshit, and with physics almost anything is plausible. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19
Why?  I like trying things well outside my abilities, like things that involve proofs i can not understand and will there be prone to take out of context.  For that reason, It's not as hard as one may think to find anything to support pretty much any semi-plausible sci-fi idea you have about the universe.  So you are partially correct.. I picked a criticism, and used the first result in google..

Is dark matter really alien tractor beams from a parallel dimension? Yes: Dark matter could be alien tractor beams from a parallel dimension. To date, no one has ever observed dark matter directly. We do not yet know what the source of the (gravitational) phenomenon we observed.

Why can't it be?  It could be an energy weapon shot through an interuniversal bridge from an alternate universe. May create exotic particles, or maybe that was an episode of Stargate Atlantis?

Not surprisingly, "other dimensions" for dark matter really has been tossed out:

Is dark matter coming from other dimesions?

Anything is possible if you can think it, that's what being a scientist is all about!"

** Hubble Bubbles, The Backreaction Conjecture, and this, Gravitational Interaction of Antimatter,  are examples of actual ideas by the qualified that legitimately call dark energy into question.

What can I say, it's the stuff of Science Tabloids.

It's my version of "spirituality", the Altar of Roddenberry. It does for me what belief in angels does for others.  And constantly resurfaces itself with every Idea I erroneously use. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19
This is also why my favorite pseudoscientific consideration is of Aristotle's Ancient Paradox.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19
Exactly.  It is the pseudoscience equivalent of religious bullshit.  It hits the same thing... and it really is the same type of baseless assertion that gives the world every half-baked idea. All psychobabble.  

But you all (this site) like the other types of psychobabble.  I mean I got PAT ON THE BACK when I tossed out my "Koyaaniaqatsi" balance of actions bullshit... i just dont get why that is praised and this is not. They are the same type of stupid. 

So lets change this up...

If you want come up with a random cosmological theory hodge-podged together from unknowns like (what dark energy MAY be) and I bet there is something published that is at least 70% what was..

Serenity is the nature of faith, and of us. Freedom is the driver of energy. By unfolding, we vibrate." Discuss.

A little bit ad absurdum there, but.... semantics...

You are correct, they are apologetic conversations..  I just cant do the fruity spiritual version of that, but it is the same type of assertion. A like topic to any occulty magical bs. 


Serenity is the nature of RHP attainment. There certainly are things synonymous wirh serenity and piddly god bullshit.  Freedom can be the driver of energy if energy is thought to mean "resolve towards an action".   Everything allegedly vibrates (at a subatomic level) so now matter what wave you do you still vibrate.  I can include a Sagan quote too, "We are all selected vibrations". That is another WTF does that even mean type statement.


If I stuck with what I know really really well.  No one would want to talk about it and could easily look it up themselves. Or watch this video:

Phase One: 

Farralon Plate Subduction Uplifts Mountains to East. (Mt. Laguna). The foothills of which are East County and Mission Hills at its western most point. Which also use to be the shoreline at or around 400 ft of elevation.  Interstate 15 by Miramar is where this coastline onece was as recently as 1 million years ago.  The "Million Year Sea Cliffs" as they are called. 

Phase Two:

The Sea Level dropped 400 feet globally expossing the former ocean floor. Over the next hundreds of thousands of years erosion led to the formations of Mesa separated by canyons and ravines.

Phase Three:

At 2mm per year, the northern trending of the pacific side of the lateral strike-slip Rose Canyon fault uplifts Mt. Soledad and depressed Mission Bay (sink) simultaneously. The last major movement along this fault was in 1859 with a MMI of 7 and estimated magnitude of 6.0

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Baphomets Aug 27 '19
"It could be an energy weapon shot through an interuniversal bridge from an alternate universe. May create exotic particles."

Hot damn! I just creamed my pants.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19
Well, why did you (and others) pat me on the back for some half retarded, "Derrr, what if what we do and the ethics of our actions have a cosmic something... derrr."  That was far less, knowledgeable and didn't even include plausible things regardless of context. It relied on some abstract allotment of luck, aether, up to and including god forms. 

It is just so freaking bizarre that equivocal retardery gets such disparite reactions... even with the first line qualifier/disqualifier.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19

After the original comment a few years back, I did this one in may... with the inverse response.

I find it humorous a person named djinn (a fucktarded bastardize Islam into demonic possession thing) is first to act. I am starting to think it baits Christians and/or believers.  And if you think that is bad I have another one trying to tie Uncertainty to the Multiverse...  

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19
Even has the same literary style as you...

I figure if we are going to extract our brains and talk on things like "universe bending" or "divination", which apparently taps some ethereal god channel of the uncsiousness, or acausal, or some other screwed over Hermetic nonsense.  Nothing even approaching logic there. 

Yet talk of that is NEVER met with the hostility this stuff is.  Even still...  

Perhaps i should write a book no one understands why a Mandlebrot Set is evidence of intelligent design, using equally flawed observations. Perhaps talk about non-material things, add some references to some sanskrit shit, and they will line up to lick ass. 

I should remember to talk on fruity little Golden Dawn shit from now on.

 The shit folks people gush over vs. the shit they dont.

[And yes I am this pissed I had many years wasted for this 'occult', magical ability, faux-psychic, you now have 8 heads bullshit. Was there even a point, or do folk just all have so much spare time that they go around and trigger people's ability to project thetr own delusion and interpret it as some occult quest for purpose, love, or pussy? Who the fuck wants to run a marathon man obstacle course of esoteric bias bullshit anyway? -  For those who knows exactly what the fuck I am talking about.]

We will now return as regularly scheduled. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 27 '19

 Well, of those I would chose that last one, I mean if it was a test or something. It is the least like the other three. That is my first answer because it doesn't involve superstition and there may actually be mathematics behind communication, or it could be a programmer book or something else I hadn't considered. You can't overthink those.

It would not surprise me to learn you haven't so much as read one single book on any of this stuff science or occult the whole way through. 

Wikipedia, I read wikipedia, (for the sake of this thread), discover magazine, and pretty much nothing else with regularity.  I own like 3 books, not one of them ever finished. Which enables me to pull shit like this out my ass.  As you read this one, imagine me thinking it is brilliant.  

** If I spoke on shit I didnt know the last time I knock that into the stratosphere on this one. I argue the quirks of the quantum level (uncertainty) share qualities with M-Theory and the multiverse.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 28 '19
With all fairness only the physics shit is barely coherent gibberish. 

Such as: Consider yourself walking towards stairs. At the bottom you decide to jog up it. At that point there is a 5 dimensional split off the world where you sat on step 2 and smoked a joint. Just because you can only experience one does not rule out the others existing. This is also called the "Many Worlds Interpretations".

And I agree that is totally total gibberish.  Like I am making things up.

Anyway dude, I like my gibberish and I especially like spamming people's perfectly occultnik threads with that.  And now I am thinking that is why I am here.  

Fun Fact: I have never read any book on the occult in those many years.  Guides to jew magic, Crowley, none of it.  It ensures I never come up with a ridiculous conclusion I didn't make up myself.

* It also prevents cunts that say, "Maybe you have eight heads and are tethered to the string" from getting her cunt way, whatever that truly was..  So from that point on it was pseudoscience bullshit, it seems to work.

Like take this one paraphrased from memory:

It seems there are things that exist in the aether in a non corporeal state. Sentience existing without form.  Though it manifests like schizophrenia, there might actually be things there.  It seems those who come in contact have the uncanny ability to manifest their worst nightmares. 

Honestly, what do you think about floaty non-things with sentience latching on to people and manifesting their fears for them?

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 28 '19
I liberally (albeit rather quietly) concede: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

As wildly fitting of a thread this is to make this statement in, I am still too busy fretting my hour upon the stage and trying to piss off the cast. Third ways can fuck themselves. 

I had a bitch (just imagine I am telling you I saw a ghost) that must have thought I would approach something like an occult (or some type of) initiation. At the same time, things akin to this topic would time and again seemingly really piss this persistent nag off, and that was fucking fun for some reason.  This and nihilism. So I assumed it was her. To this day I still cant figure out why on earth my "getting it" was so important to her...   Unfortunately for the answer to that question, she hasnt posted since I asked her that directly.  

Strangely, the amount of shit I have received for being a strict materialist is FAR greater than the antithesis of that shown in these topics of presuppositions of presuppositions.  

Until that point of "bitch comes direct"  (whether dysmorphic midget, tranny, or man-hating dyke coven) I am affraid I can not change a thing about myself or the bastardized topics you will now have to deal with until It is no longer needed. Except the string theory one, to which I am fond of.

I will apologize that you have to at least be cognizant of these topics... Continue with your disdain is all I can say. 

While there may be more under the sun I haven't considered, until I achieve my near impossible task of "making bitch come direct"  I want to see that sun blotted out from the sky. 

***  Sorry for this ongoing shtick, but I do not accept the world where anyone, no matter what 'privilege' they sucked someone off to get,  gets away with this.  

It is amazing how lack of results never persuaded me to change obviously faulty tactics.

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