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Frater Dark Matter

Hi All !! I am new here. I am a 58 y/o former Christian Priest Theologian of 35+ yrs. Took me some hard time and work to get through the Abyss and to make it here onto the LHP,  but loving it beyond imagining!!!  I have 5 kids, all flown the nest; 10 g-kids. 

 last spring I hoisted my New Sigil of Baphomet Flag in the front yard-- within 30 hours former best friend neighbors were hurling death threats and the persecution was intense with them calling the police on me for any weird reason.  I could handle it, but my wife has no kidneys and is on home Hemo Dialysis 5-6 days per week 6-8 hours per day,  and tends to be wiped out and sick a lot.So she ended up taking the biggest hits as they would yell and jeer from across the street at us.. as she could barely make it up our ramp to the house.  Well,  I never hid I was a Demoniphile, I practice Sorcery, [having some of them asking me to do work for them even--] Well, they are in for a surprise in the next few weeks, Because The First Satanic Church of Clarksville Tennessee will be making its Grand First Appearance at the local flee market, then I will open my doors for its first meetings for organization... I have a Facebook page, that is about it for now.  it will not be made on the typical RHP money and soul sucking BS. but a total LHP Grassroots Feeding and Empowering entity.

  Anyway, that is a short intro to me..   Anyway, Churchianity of Clarksville , Be-fukn-ware---  The LHP is in Ascendancy-  and "I'm gonna pick a fight".

  Darkest Blessing to all!!

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Discordia Sep 4
Don't be silly Jezebel. We all know a true Satanist would just pray to his buddy Baphomet and then go protest injustice (in the designated free speech zone, of course).

I'm a 26-year-old man in Florida. So you're thirty-two years older than I am, and I have no experience as a pastor or priest and I have no children or grandchildren. That's a lot of interesting information. If you're in Tennessee then you're a ten-hour drive away from Florida. I'm in New Tampa almost 24-7. 

I attend Christian churches on Sundays because my parents are into Protestant Christianity. I think that Christians and religious people are cherry-picking hypocrites. They like to intentionally indulge in things that are against Christianity or whatever religion. There is an epidemic of Bible illiteracy. Most people don't really understand whatever religion they follow.

That's the main problem I have with religion. I could write a book that's two hundred thirty-right pages about that, but I'm going to keep it short. Christians curse all the time and most don't know that in Christianity it's a sin or a transgression of divine law. I hate to use curse words for the most part, but there are times when I use them. I just hate hearing them or using them. 

I'm at a public library now. It's a ten-minute drive from my house in New Tampa, if there's light traffic. I normally walk this library, and that takes about an hour. It's easy for anyone to get a guest pass and use a desktop computer there. Then you can use a computer for three hours. I brought my cellphone and cellphone charger today. 


Another example of Bible illiteracy is that it's a popular belief among Christians that if a Christian commits suicide he goes to hell. My father and other believe that. I have watched YouTube videos from Christian channels that I trust. They said that suicide is not an ultimate or unforgivable sin. I have thought about that lately.

I don't want to kill myself as much as I want to be happy and healthy and financially independent. I'm healthy now and I want to stay that way. I have all my body parts and all my senses. I know that humans have five basic senses. I have astigmatism so I need to wear glasses. I haven't worn them for a long time. 

Nov 8

Hello! I'm new here, i'm from Earth and i'm looking to make some good friends who can help me to learn more about sorcery and all kinds of magic  :)

"Sorry for my weak English :p"

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Sad Nov 11
Fairly new here and I'm looking to meet people. I'm looking to talk about anything. Sorry for the weak-ass intro
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