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Dark Enlightenment
Suppose you were to plan the ideal murder spree, how would you do it?  And yes I have done this thread before...

This is the world where all your better judgement has evaporated and its time to let their god sort them out.

In the Columbine shooting they came perilously close to killing up to 100 more. Luckily, for all the kids in the cafeteria, Whitey McBMW was a terrible shot and missed the propane tank..

But let's indulge.

Where would the traps be? 

How would you do it?

Guns? explosives? Poison/toxin? Accomplices? 

Knowing you are going to die that day, how would you go out? 

For myself, I know how to fly a 737-800 from months upon months of aggregate time flying (1000-1500 hours) on FSX. Granted that's actually landing the thing as opposed to going all Silk Air with shit.  I also couldnt hurt a 737. It deserves to serve out its usefulness to Southwest or Ryan Air and then be sold to an Ultralow cost carrier or charter on the resale market.  

In GTA V it is really fun to drive on the boardwalk, for me it would have to be in the style of a GTA rampage. Probably something like that. 

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