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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 5 '20
So I was thinking about adding some plugins. Why not. Can you think of anything that you feel might enhance the network? Any plugins like... IDK thumbs up and down thread in the forums or Blogs? User map ( so people can sign it if they want and it will allow everyone to see where you live ) or different chatroom? 

Check out these plugins that are available. Do not worry about the price tag I will pick it up if I think it is worth it. So...there are a lot. What would you guys like? 

I figure since SIN is pretty much the last social networking site for Satanists still standing with people on deck....we might as well fucking party as we sail into the iceburgs eh?

Here  are the available plugins. 

plugin store

May 9 '20
I would say the thumbs up thing on the forums and blogs can be useful, by making the forum more enjoyable. It would also benefit if emoticons were added to express a feeling that a person would have, when that person posts a topic or a reply. I understand without emojis it would make it difficult for the reader to understand how that person may present himself, such as if he may miss assume that the person posting may seem rude even if he is not.

I checked the Oxwall store they do have  "emojis and smiley's," I am also sure the store has a thumbs up like thing. 

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JoshuaVonNoctis May 9 '20
Thumbs up and down on the forums would be pretty cool.
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 11 '20
Alright fellows you got it. 
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