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Nov 6
Hi I'm Heretic_Benedict. Call me whatever you like. I'm primarily a Chaos Magician, but I've really embraced LHP in general and Current 218 in particular. Death, in some form or another, has been guiding me this whole year, and I suspect through my whole life. So it's time to embrace that, and gnostic anticosmic Satanism is the way that appeals to me most.

So I'm here to learn, especially from any theistic Satanists and/or theistic Luciferians. But I'm open to everyone's wisdom. I believe there is one river and many tributaries. 

Hit me up if you have any guidance or advice, or if you want to chat and exchange philosophies. Thank you to this whole community, just for being here.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Heretic: It is amazing the amount of hidden knowledge  you will find in so many written posts which have been given by the variaty of minds that overflow this Satanic site, I suggest you  to analyze them , and little by little your understanding of a mosaic of topics will open your view  , I could tell you  that it's refreshing  to drink these drops of hell fire to quench  your thirst for knowledge,  and go to the  Library section, you'll find  a lot of good books to read, take advantage of the freedom  you'll find to communicate  with some real demons of the Abbys like the owner of this SIN, and  you'll get some demonic power as a reward for your bravery .

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