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donot Dec 31 '21
And this will be your inversible stata by any means. Without anything to have to be believed, there will be a surplus amount of inabsurdity. Any logic will therefore be absorbed, leaving vast quantities of stupidity and nonsensce to conquer all forms of living in and outside this galaxy.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 31 '21

Quote from donotleaving vast quantities of stupidity and nonsense.

and also trolling.

The Forum post is edited by Dark Enlightenment Dec 31 '21
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Jan 1 '22
Eternal recurrence aside. Roughly three quarters of a century if you're lucky. That's my only concern. The universe can take care of itself.
donot Jan 8 '22
There should be a pill to temporarily reduce ones IQ, so as to make communicating easier with certain forms of life. 
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