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Bela Jan 10
There bas been a growing trend for some time of people referring to themselves as non political. I also read a recent article that more young americans than ever are referring to themselves as non religious. I like this term as it seems to just reject politics and religion as unnecessary.  This term also seems to reject the "anti's" anti political, anti right or left or anti religious. People have been fighting government and religious corruption for years and many seem to fall in line with their own corrupt and violent views in the process. An example is the so called anti fascists who in reality are extremely fascist hypocrites. They just follow a different flag. Are we coming to a point that people are just getting fed up with the back and forth bullshit associated with parties And churches and coming to a point of simply rejecting it entirely. I know i have. 
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Dark Enlightenment

My opinion is that you can get apathetic towards the herd mind for flocking, but you're always going to reference it in some way.  And that's what your seeing. There's never a blanket condemnation of the normative without supplanting a replacement (a)political ideology. 

Society is too connected and overpopulated to ever really break away. 

All sides of the coin are picked before the same kickoff. Even taking a position that both "fa" and "antifa" are all herd-minded drones is still having a political opinion. Even saying, "That's THEIR sheeple circus" is still being political. As semantic as that sounds. You just get exploited a lot less with the "third side" opinion.

I look at it like anarchy. 

Every group of considerable size needs increasing number of slave practices proportional to population. 

There was an anarchist squatter compound in Denmark that took over an abandoned military campus. They were very much against government or outside influence. Yet they still had elections for leaders and established laws.

I'm sure, as pot pushing hippies, they were all anti-establishment. No rules of the man.

Well except: 

Christiania rules forbid stealing, violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests, hard drugs, and bikers' colors. Taking any pictures and videos is also forbidden in Christiania.

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Personally I do make myself aware of certain political shit going on in the world concerning the country that I live in. However, I identify with neither political sides. I am not Left or Right, I agree on certain things with Democrats and Conservative's. But I don't agree with the two as 100%, unlike the herd. I am actually more liberal on plenty of things. I support the legalization of psychedelics, I support gay marriage, gay rights whatever, I support abortion 100%, and I also support on owning any type of firearm. As far as focusing on a collectivist state that both Conservatives and the Left believe in doing, that is where I mainly stop right here.

I don't believe in worshipping the state and being part of the collective, many people are ingrained in so called Nationalism/Patriotism. In my opinion that idealistic goal is a dead end. It is impossible to bring back a Nationalistic/Patriotic system where everyone smiles, waving their flags, and proclaiming themselves as happy Americans. As I have mentioned, it may had worked back in the 1950's where it was a conformist society, but the counter culture of course destroyed that collectivism. The only collectivism that primarily exists in the U.S. is differing ideological political/religious cults or groups that choose to focus on their false idealisms. Dystopia is what exists and will remain. Whether you are of the Right or Left/Conservative/Democrat, that Idealism that is carried is simply a daydream that will never come into being. 

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I agree with Dark Enlightenment concerning individuality in political groups. I find it funny that many political groups who preach a non conformist viewpoint at the same are collectivistic. At best I like to label it as fake individualism.
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Dantalion Jan 11
AlexTheTerrible said everything that I would have said almost exactly.
Cornelius Coburn
The Satanic forums have some good worldly writers. More so than the typical occult forums. Maybe something like the best parts of an occult forum and a philosophy forum combined.

Not all (if any) philosophy forums will let you post music. Which kind of sucks.

donot Jan 12
Being non-political does not remove your right to have an opinion. Having a say, everybody has a view. By refraining from your rights, you give your rights to others, to use it as they wish. Freedom is a conjecture which implies massive participation. 
Dusche Jan 12
Sentient Beings are inherently non political [sic]; or "apolitical" as we say in the Hood. What Hood? Buddhahood!

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Cornelius Coburn


- the windmills are not only in our minds.
Cornelius Coburn
Like this Asian dude I used to play chess with. His name was Moon, and he had this stupid joke whenever overhearing the formula for calculating the area of a circle. He would say "Pi are not squared. Pi are round."



The circle encapsulates everything. It is nothing : 0, and it is everything : eternity, also zero : 0


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