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Dantalion Jan 24 '22
So the typical stereotype of a Satanist is someone who listens to dark metal, wears all black and has pentagram and skull tattoos and piercings. But I wonder if there’s hardcore satanists who dress like preppies (or very conservatively), listen to teeny pop and drive minivans. Can you picture what I mean? People who don’t fit the bill but are very hardcore.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Jan 24 '22
I listen to dark metal and pretty much just about anything else. The only thing it needs to be is good. I'd say black and red are my favorite colors. My Dodge Charger RT is fiery red with black interior. Yes, I do actually consider color when it comes to cars.

I'm the typical jeans and t-shirt kind of dude, but if I go out I wear semi-formal black button-up shirts, lately, but still jeans. No tattoos, but for a while I did have the lower level decorated with occult imagery : Tree of Life, a rosy cross, miscellaneous Hebrew writings, a candle, essential oil burner - always somewhat of an issue when having the furnace cleaned or anything else requiring strangers in the area. Closing a door concealed most but not all.

I'm more of an occultist than a Satanist which doesn't appear to be an issue here, and speaking of "preppies", the video King by Satyricon has some preppy looking dudes in the audience who I presume might be Satanists, but yeah, they don't look it, but it fits with the context.

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donot Jan 25 '22
Furthermore, I wouldn't mind about a girl with tattoos and piercings, they do such things. 
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Jan 27 '22
I presume they would probably mind you a lot more than you mind them.
Dusche Jan 27 '22

Quote from Dantalion stereo

Dusche Jan 27 '22

Quote from Cornelius Coburn My Dodge 

Dantalion Jan 28 '22
I like that Stereo MCs song. Reminds my of my bus rides to middle school. The bus driver would blast the radio for us and I think that song came on before. One song that came on constantly was the “I wanna fly” song by Sugar Ray. One thing I found out later was Sugar Ray was kind of a nu metal band. Correction- The sugar Ray song came on when I took the bus to high school. But it was the same bus driver for both high school and middle school. Her name was Marlene she was really cool. We all had a lot of respect for her.
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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Jan 31 '22
Re : My Dodge : Eight Fire Breathing Dragons



Not exactly tonight, but soon.

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