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If you believe in the Devil, The Afterlife, and you're a Satanist, you belong here.

Below 6 Feet is a place to talk about the spiritual world and upload Satanism/Gothic Pictures.
XeroXipher Feb 15 '22

Do you believe in Life after Death?

Do you believe Satan will reward you or give you purpose after Death?
What are your thought on Death?

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Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Geraldo Respuesta Feb 18 '22
Yes, and I think it works like the Norse.  To get the satanic afterlife all you gotta do is fuck shit up for kindred in life.  Like in the old Norse Valhalla has for the Vikings that fucked the mist shit up.  So that's what I think the satanic Christian afterlife is.  Like the same deal as Christianity only based on how how you totally fuck shit up for your family clan.
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BlackOrbit666 Jan 20
I believe in life after death and that Satan guides us from life to death.

It is a lot of hard work that is needed in order to maintain Satanic concepts in your life, but, the reality is that it is totally worth it.

The Christian religions tend to have their supposed helpful programs which make you waste a lot of energy and time, and, in the end, you are doing what? You are only losing.

Ave Satanas and the Forces of Hell 

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