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KPaz666 Jul 22 '22
Today I was reading about theistic Satanism and resilience.  One of the topics that came up was about resilience and how we, as Satanists deal with obstacles in order to achieve our desires and goals.  At one point, it seemed to indicate we need to more or less expose ourselves as being a Satanist in order to achieve this. This is where I'm conflicted. I'm somewhat of a private person. I'm very open about myself in terms of sexuality (gay and I really can't hide this) but when it comes to politics and beliefs; I'm more reserved on this front. 

Please don't get me wrong: I've no shame about being a Satanist and I am strongly considering getting tattoos to show my pride in this faith.  However, I'm sort of private. I'll tell folks I am a Satanist and proud to be one if they ask or if the situation calls for it but overall, I'm mute on this. 

So...would this be accepted as a Theistic Satanist or should I be more forthcoming about this? 

Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Geraldo Respuesta Jul 23 '22

Quote from KPaz666

So...would this be accepted as a Theistic Satanist or should I be more forthcoming about this? 

I'll check with The High Priest...

Satanians 1:10

"For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of Satan? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Satan".

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Everybody's situation is different. You have to decide. Devotion to Satan is what is required to be a theistic Satanist. Would Satan really require you to lose your job, family, etc. I think not.  I think Satan would want you to do what is best in your situation. Satan wants you to improve your life and live as you want.
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Dantalion Aug 1 '22
Depends on where you live and what your willing to sacrifice. If you live in a place like California where Satanism is more accepted, you would have no issues. If you live in the Bible Belt, you will probably run into issues.
KPaz666 Aug 3 '22
Hail Satan! 

Thanks for your responses guys! I live in a Red State where being a Satanist is gonna be a problem especially where I work. 

I did see in another forum recently where a Satanist said they are also selective in revealing their Satanic affiliations.  One guy said he wears his Satanic jewelry under his shirt at work but when he's out and about, he wears it proudly.  This has been my approach lately.  I wear my favorite inverted cross every day to work but it's under my shirt and when I leave, its out. 

I also agree with you FollowTheMorningStar - I don't think Satan would want me to lose my job or family. I think He'd want me to express my devotion in anyway possible.  I do know that at some point, my faith will be on display and I know some people are going to have issues with it but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.  I have a strong feeling that the more I get into all things Satanic, the stronger I will be to be able to weather any blowback I may get. 

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Aug 3 '22
Here are my thoughts. It depends on what you're willing to risk and what you think is worth it. I am a public school teacher in the bible belt. Here is what I do: I live my life as a satanist. Being a satanist doesn't mean you have to constantly scream to the world that you are one. Just as you wouldn't constantly scream to the world that you're gay.  When it comes to the job, if asked my belief system, I tell. I try my best to keep my NON SERVIAM arm tattoo covered to the best of my ability - kids asking "what does that mean," just seems to open a can of worms. I always wear my pendants on the inside of my shirt. Plus I don't always wear them anyway. The jewelry I wear doesn't make me more of a satanist than the next guy or gal.

Other than some minor things, I don't care who knows I am a satanist. If they were to discriminate me based on religious beliefs, I'd take them to court. Church and state should be separate always and lucky for me, I live in a liberal af county and city. And plus the school system touts diversity and inclusion of all, so I am never worried one bit.

Question though - what kind of job do you have that makes you feel you have to hide the essence of who you supposedly are!? Is this even a job worth subjecting yourself to?

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Dec 10 '23
Ii you are a Jewish , someone will hate you; if you're a Buddhist , someone will hate you; if you are a Muslim, someone will hate you; if you're a Catholic, someone will hate you; if you're a Jehovah's witness, someone will hate you; if you're one member of the evangelical churches someone will hate , but if you are a Saranist, everybody will love you, hahahahaha , it sounds like a romantic song.. I know the naked and bloody truth: "IF YOU ARE A SATANIST , YOU ARE THE TARGET OF HATRED OF ALL THE SO CALLED 'RELIGIONS OF PEACE ", therefore, you have to measure the consequences of being a Satanist , it doesn't matter the brand of Satanism, in my case, I'm a Satanist, if I perish for being one, I don't care. May the Dark Lord fortify you at the moment you will need His strength. Darkness will cover the whole earth very soon and the Morning Star will shine completely in the hearts of al Satanists.
Zakkary Mar 1
I don't believe Satanism or Luciferianism are communal experiences in the broad sense...? We may experience a limited number of individuals that share similar ideas and approaches... but? I suppose it's up to the individual. Some artists, musicians etc are keen to share their thoughts and ideas... but this is part of their public persona.
Cornelius Coburn
Satanism is fringe shit. The occult is fringe, but Satanism is even more fringe than that by maybe a football field or so - at least in the online macrocosmic community anyway.

I don't even consider myself a Satanist, but in the extraordinary league of online writing forums this is where I find myself, but why? Because sometimes I like to combine music and writing, talk like Tommy in Goodfellas, or pugilize passive aggressive parasites, and I don't care for any of that deleting of posts or locking of threads on the mainstreams.

Blogs are fucking boring and along my path of purging and converging where activities are diminished and freedoms augmented this is where one might find themselves depending on few variable factors, and surprisingly enough, it's one of the more active options amongst the fewest of the few, so, give the Devil his due.

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