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Sabrina Nov 7
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Rune Nov 7
Pro Palestine, simply because what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinian people is not only wrong, but is a massive human rights violation.
Dark Enlightenment
Fuck Palestine. 

Yeah I'm Sorry the plight and all, but The Jews as Israel or Judah sort of wrote the entire foundation of the abrahamic religion from a temple in Jerusalem. (2nd temple)  They were granted the right to return and build by The Archaemenid Empire (Zoroastrian Persians) following the downfall of Babylon. And they had the land before Nebu-however-the-fuck-his-name-is-spelled. As chosen since at least 539 BCE.  And as Hebrews far back as 10th century BCE. 

They were dispersed by several Caliphates and Christian crusades. 

Palestinians and most Arabs just hate them because they were gifted that land after WWII as a guilt reparation for the Holocaust. Things turned in 1967 and Jihadist Islam was rekindled.  

Since then, them and Jordan are the only stable countries in the "Holyland" and everyone else sorta sucks. 

But those are the poorer muslims, like Syria, and like all poor of any religion they are prone to fanatical religiousity. 

I hold the opinion Israel has right to both Gaza and The West Bank too. Go full messianic age prophecy and build The Third Temple while you're at it. 

Now, if Egypt stepped in and said it's theirs i'd have to side with them so long as they retain their ancient qualities and start building pyramids and using hieroglyphics again. Likewise if Canaan wanted to do a contemporary Neo-Philistine revival in the name of Ba'al I'd have to award the land to them. 

I dont think anyone had it before Canaan. 

Key is you have to be the same people doing the same thing you did in antiquity.  And back then "Palestine" was the name for the land the Philistines occupied in southern Canaan (after Egypt withdrew). So when the Modern Palestinians start speaking Phoenician they'll have a claim older than Israel. 

Otherwise it's like if present day Germans started calling their breakaway region The Holy Roman Empire and claiming ancient rights to the land. 

So I guess I'm pro-Israel.  I think the technical term is Zionist. 

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
The worshipers of Jaweh annihilated the worshipers of Kemosh, Moloch,  Dagon ,Baal and so on  who were the original owners of that piece of land. The same way as the worshipers of Jesus christ annihilated the worshipers of the Coyote Demonio , worshipers of the stars and so on  of the Americas, the same way the worshipers of  Allah  annihilated the worshipers of the Serpent Damballa  of some parts of Africa.  The transculturization  has been done for years in different parts of the world.  Now,  the Palestinians and Israelis are brothers,  worshipers of the same God with the same agenda and different names,   it is sad to see brothers of the same father (God )and different mother (religion) killing themselves for a land that was never theirs. I love the land of Israel,  the land of Palestine,  the land of Canaan father of all the sinners, pagans and worshipers of devils , the land that flows milk and honey .
Dark Enlightenment
Don't forget when the worshippers of Mazda slaughtered the worshippers Enki, and gave the worshippers of Yahweh an administrative state, who then were later annexed by the worshippers of Zeus, and then the worshippers of Saturn.   Then Saturn and Yahweh tried to coexist until ecumenical councils became a thing 300 years later.  Then the worshippers of The Lord started slaughtering things as Byzentines until the worshippers of Allah slaughtered them. And then some years later it went back and forth over and over again..

Basically no god is special or more egregious in regards to killing. 

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