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List of Michael Sartin literary works.

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Micheal Sartin's works

Michael Sartin, Author of:

1. "The Satanic Predator Within: Awakening to the Self"

2. "The Satanic Predator Within: Facing the Demon Named FEAR"

3. "The Satanic Vampire Within: The "Inner-Gate" to Immortality" (Coming Soon)

4. "In the World of Madness: A Collaboration of Satanic Essays"

5. "Satanic Revolution: A Sorcerer's Manual, Part 1"

6. "Satanic Revolution: A Sorcerer's Manual, Part 2"

7. "Satanic Revolution: A Sorcerer's Manual, Part 3" !!!NOW AVAILABLE!!!

8. "Satanic Collections"

He is committed to the empowerment of the Self, Awakening to the greater truths within that are often hidden from the minds of humanity. He is a man filled with wonderful insight into the world of pragmatism, realism, individualism, and non-conformity. He has eradicated the programmable mindset that most submit to, wherein they too often fail fatally within the jaws of equality, thus submitting to the trap of conformity, setting themselves up a familiar tone of theme which molds them into a malleable substance, one that is easily predictable, simple to control and packed neatly into a comfortable "classification" wherein social acceptance is gained, but individuality of the Self has lapsed.

Now through his literature, he offers the tools and means of producing the same effect that he has accomplished, essentially giving readers the opportunity to stand on their own two feet, thus walking the world true to the "Self."

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