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Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Nov 11 '14
So, I think that the forums have become a little bit cluttered as of late, what with our growing pains and all. Open the forums, and you'll be greeted with a rather unruly list of topical subforums, most of which are almost completely inactive or in one case completely redundant. There are just too many subforums!

I propose the following:

Merge the Music, Art, and Video forums into one section, and call it, simply 'Culture' - this will allow all of the previously existing threads to remain under this larger banner, while also opening up the floor to a broader range of cultural and artistic topics, such as for instance the Satanic Cookbook that was mentioned at one point, and perhaps some more pop cultural fandom stuff if the membership should feel so inclined.

Re-merge the Theistic and Satanism forums. Really, the Theistic forum has been used about as much as a condom in a cathedral. At my current count, only two of the five topics there would even necessarily be theistic, the others of which could easily fit in with the either Satanism or General forums. I doubt that we'll get overrun by theists anytime soon, and I'm sure that we can survive the occasional semi-theistic thread in the meantime. Let the theists have their fun, and just moderate as you would anything else. It just doesn't make sense to keep the tiny amount of theistic topics to their own little subsection.

Merge the two Current Events forums. Nuff said.

The Members section still needs to be implemented.

Tentative - Maybe find a way to group the self-promotion, introductions, and romance forums together? Not necessarily merge them, but put them all under the same umbrella maybe? Not sure how the forum code works, so not sure exactly what I'm trying to say, but just something to consider - those three forums are incredibly similar in function and purpose, in being closer to the 'social network' aspect of SIN as opposed to the forum.

Anyways, that's my two cents, submitted for the review and approval of our fearless leader.

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Nov 11 '14
Also, something to consider - and again speaking out of my ass, since I don't know how this site is coded - but it would be nifty to have a better GUI for the Library links. Like, instead of a forum, collect the links and maybe alphabetize them or catalog them like in a real library, and give them a nice presentation. Put up a submission (or 'donation' if were gonna be cheeky and run with the Library theme) box and add new texts as they are made available.

Not sure how that would really work, and certainly not complaining - just food for thought, if Zach wanted to be really ambitious with regards to the Library, lol.
Owner/Admin Nov 11 '14
Good points! I have been meaning to sort through them. As far as the library is concerned, there is know real way to alphabetize the books. 
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