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Storm Feb 3 '15
Anyone on here have a spouse,boy friend/girl friend who does not approve or isnt comfortable with your beliefs/path/practice? 

Just curious,makes an interesting topic instead of how the parents react,how did the significant other or bf/gf react?

johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Feb 24 '15
My wife is/was an atheist. I told her that I was a Satanist within a week of meeting her. There were no issues, except that I had to hide it from her extremely religious grandparents.
Rebecca Feb 26 '15
I told my boyfriend a few months into our relationship, and he was fine with it. He's an Atheist and had read up on the topic prior to meeting me, just for fun, so it didn't bother him. I was quite surprised.
100%skipsbitch! Apr 13 '15
Yes my husband who is catholic ,which is evil in its own right really. Plus he's been in prison 35 yrs. for 2nd degree murder,we have been together 7 yrs. married 6 yrs. he hates it.<br />. I believe religion is a different bunch of people with the same imaginary friend.
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saintbradford Member
saintbradford Jun 23 '15
Kinda strange.  My girlfriend is "agnostic", but superstitious and believes in things like astrology. She is creeped out by a few things in my apartment (baphomet banner, black candles, SIN certificate) and thinks they carry "negative energy", so I tuck them away when she comes over the same way I would if my grandparents came over.  I'm generally happy go lucky so most people wouldn't suspect anyway and it doesn't really come up in conversation that often.
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Jun 28 '15
This is kind of funny because my boyfriend introduced me to Satanism. Which I played with. and still do at times, for a while. Then I moved on to what I have followed now for years. 

His reaction? 

"I figured..."

Shawn Jul 9 '15
She discovered it fairly early on and decided to keep an open mind. That's how it goes -- when you're openly a Satanist you know near instantly whether someone is worth your time. If someone freaked out about it I wouldn't bother with a relationship. That's self disqualification.
Kat Chapter Head
Kat Jul 14 '15
My partner had already guessed. We'd been together for 3 years and I thought it was time to break the news as we were in it for the long run. He said it was just the way I was, he'd sort of already figured it out. He's a strong Atheist so we do have a good rant at organised religion from time to time. I do have to my practises discrete as he is very worried about others judging me.
RevMel Member
RevMel Jul 21 '15
I wouldn't have a partner that doesn't share my path, or she'd have to be at least a Wiccan , agnostic, or Atheistor something. Having a Christian partner would be a death sentence, especially, if we had children, and issues of what religion they should be exposed to comes up.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 5 '15
My wife and I made a covenant before we got married, that was when we used to believe in heaven and  hell , both of us  were  extremely  religious persons.  The covenant  was this one : " Together  to heaven  or hell, but together " . I  became to realize that I was a satanist first then I told her  and to my sorprice  she loved more the satanist philosophy that the christian stupidities we used to believe. 

Ave  my wife.

SanaraCats Feb 15 '16
Both me and my fiancè are satanists, its great
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Feb 16 '16
I am single, but I am pretty straight up letting men know that if they are very religious they won't like what I do and/or want to do. I complied enough to men's wishes in my younger life - I can't be bothered now.

Religion, along with culture and even to some degree education and status can all put a strain on relationships. In the real world, love does not conquer all. That is a fairytale... a chick flick! 

Andy Mohr
Andy Mohr Feb 17 '16
My wife is pagan and knows I am Satanist. Deals well with it, specially now that she have started to worship Hecate, instead of concentrating exclusively on mainstream Wicca. If she was one of these treehugergoodygalwhitewitchy wiccans, I think we could have some more differences.
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Blackmass Mar 6 '16
Well I have to say that due to my Satanism my boyfriend and I decided to part ways! Learning this lesson now makes it a strong point to mention my Satanism in the future so there is no more surprises!
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 6 '16
I have always had the opinion that unless your beliefs interfere with mine we are cool. The heart comes first, 
mrshll1001 Mar 7 '16
My girlfriend is Catholic, when we were initially dating she mentioned it because she knew people could be funny with Church. I mentioned I was a Satanist, and we were cool from that point forward. Agree with Zach, the heart comes first.

For me it's less the religion that would interfere rather than other stuff like abortion rights, gender roles, lgbt+ rights etc. If she was a nasty Catholic then we wouldn't have lasted more than a date.
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