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Khandnalie Aug 5 '14
Forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Khandnalie, or Khan for short. I've been walking this path for several years now, and there's something new to learn every day. Whether or not you actually learn it is up to you - but the potential is always there. 

In my personal life, I'm a huge freaking nerd - I like anime, games, cartoons, I love engineering and science, I'm a brony, I'm addicted to Minecraft (come play with me on my server :D ), I'm a foodie, I love Star Wars, Star Trek, GoT, DBZ, HP, and just so many other things. I can obsess over nearly anything. 

Aside from being a nerd, I am also a metalhead - too many bands to list. Behemoth, Deicide, Finntroll, Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, Nekrogoblikon, System of a Down, and a helluva lot more. I'm also a pretty heavy kinkster. I've been living the Lifestyle for a couple years now, though the past few months have seen me more vanilla than I am usually wont to be. 

That's me in a nutshell. I'm just kind of a big loud friendly dude. I'm pretty relaxed, and try to have a 'live and let live' attitude about most things people say. About the only thing that rustles my jimmies on that front is when someone is just plain ol' wrong - demonstrably, irrefutably wrong. Elsewise, that's just like, your opinion, man. 

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