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RevMel2015 Chapter Head
RevMel2015 Jun 16 '15
This is nor something I woulld share across the board. I can see the reactions. People ask me thos constanly, and my answer will alaway be the same. Opinions?
Anna Jun 17 '15
You can safely tell everyone you're a satamst. Whatever the fuck that means.
MisterOwl Jun 17 '15

I'm a bit confused by the original post. Are you asking whether you should tell people or if we have told people? I'm relatively open about Satanism and am more than willing to discuss the subject with friends/familyif it comes up but it usually only comes up in philosophical/theological discussions - which are kind of rare these days.

As for telling a boss, I can't imagine why your boss would need to know you're a Satanist. I mean, unless you're really trying to stretch and sell the religious aspect of it in order to get the day off for your birthday, citing a 'religious holiday.' ;)

Ultimately it is a private matter that only the individual Satanist can decide upon. Satanism is probably one of the more private religions/philosophies around, so I see why so many people keep it to themselves or release information on a need-to-know basis.

Aurea Jun 28 '15
What's the idea of going all out with it? I don't really care if my family or acquaintances find out, but just for the record I'm not about to boast about it either. 

As for telling your boss? If he's religious/ignorant/narrow minded etc. That's it. You did it. 

"It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful" A.S.LaVey 

Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Jun 28 '15
I see absolutely no need to announce what my "path preference" is to anyone. If they ask, and most rarely do, I might divulge. However, to sit and explain exactly what my "beliefs" entail, is quite exhausting at times when trying to get someone from base one to understand what "Discordianism" or "Chaoism" even is, nevertheless, what it means to me. ;P

My boss doesn't need to know nor does she care what I follow in my personal life. All she cares about is that I am at work, on time. My family doesn't really care either as they have other, more prominent,things to deal with in their lives. My boyfriend is a Satanist so it's just not a big deal all around. 

Brazy Member
Brazy Jun 28 '15
First things first, what the fuck is a "Satamst"? Either i'm out of the loop, or the OP was made to fuck with my head; not funny. Secondly, i'm just going to pretend you meant "Satanist." If so, my answer goes something like this: Hail Me, Hail Satan!!! 

No, but all jokes aside, I am open with my family and friends about it. Other than that, I don't see the need to flaunt my beliefs to the world. Furthermore, the last thing I want to see is people looking at Satanism as some sort of trend, phase and/or something to do. 

nith Jul 8 '15

I think this question should be flipped from “should you” to “why would you”. At least being honest with yourself over the need for a title and the need to advertise it.

RevMel Member
RevMel Jul 21 '15
Therein is this problem. You have kids and tell your family. What is they're conservative and religious? Imagine the tin of worms that opens. They question your abiolities of being a sound minded person. All of a sudden, one of them calls Child protective services, telling them your children are in danger, because of your beliefs. I've seen it happen to Wiccan friends, who had to explain themselves in family courts. Then, consider if your boss is  a very conservative religious person. There goes your job, or promotions making you redundant. Now if all these people were quite progressive, and religion was not a huge deal for them, then fine, go ahead. But if you so much as haveeven an inch of doubt, keep it to yourself.
ouijaboardbuttdial Member
ouijaboardbuttdial Jul 29 '15
My friends, co workers, and boss all know my preference to the LHP. Luckily, I am employed in a very relaxed environment and have a boss who is very like minded. 

As far as my family is concerned, its implied but never confirmed.

Jorōgumo Jul 30 '15
My family generally don't care, I don't go out of my way to tell people what I do or don't believe in but they've seen the books on my shelf and they have the attitude of "what ever floats her boat".
Never told anyone I worked for especially the charity shops I volunteered in because A) it's no one else's business and B) it would lead to strange looks and a cold shoulder I'm sure.
Owner/Admin Jul 30 '15
I do not see the point in telling anyone that does not need to know. You are only opening yourself up to new problems. 

Revan Member
Revan Aug 1 '15
I've had people accuse me of "sacrificing animals and small children".. I told this dumbass, 1 sacrifices are for atontment. as in if you've done something wrong as in sin, and feel guilty about it, and try to make someone else pay for your wrong doing" 2 I've done nothing wrong or anything that I feel guilty for. 3 if I've done nothing wrong and dont' feel guilty , then there is no  reason to "pay" for it. 4 so no need for a sacrifice.. stupid people
Andy Mohr
Andy Mohr Sep 12 '15
I don't a need to discuss it with everyone. Just the closer friends know it and they accept it well, including my wife(she's wiccan).

As I have always been labeled as a radical atheist because of my youth years, people just don't come to talk to me about religion(see me as "lost"). I am also an horror movie/dark music fan, so when people see any of my satanic paraphernalia, they think it's part of my collections hehehe. So, nobody, except the most informed about the topic, asks me seriously about it. People see it all as one of my eccentricities and just don't care.

At work, I have a personal position to not discuss religion, because of nature of my work.

Pneumatikos93 Member
Pneumatikos93 Sep 12 '15
I told my mother about 5 years ago and it went really well.  At first she freaked out because of all the indoctrination, but once I explained about the archetypes of Satan, Lucifer, Lilith and others, she got it.  She has always hated organized religion, especially Christianity, so we already had common ground there.  She is 82 years old and my biggest supporter!  Yes, I know I am lucky as hell!
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