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Padowan Aug 27 '15

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!

Psychic Vampires are not always obvious until they have their teeth firmly planted in your neck, sucking you dry of your energy. 

I've been given the challenge of identifying these vampires upon first meetings. My challenge is to determine their energy sucking characters by means of getting them to answer two questions. 

What two questions would you use?
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Earl Chapter Head
Earl Aug 27 '15
I wrote a small piece on this a while back, this is taken from my wordpress...

What is a “Psychic Vampire”?

A Psychic Vampire, by my definition is someone who drains you both physically and mentally. A “Psychic Vampire” is someone that always wants something from you but never gives anything back in return.

These people are worthless to you and society. They want nothing more than to take everything you could possibly offer them and not give you anything in return, you want to call these people out as what they are, you want to destroy them in anyway you can. Although the ‘Path of Transition’ is based on Self-Preservation and it a “put yourself first” ideology, the ‘Path of Transition’ also teaches “Honour” and “Loyalty” which I wrote about in an early post.


If you are going to ask a favour of someone, you should be willing to help them when they ask because if you help them, you are more than likely going to want to be able to call on them when you need something. Taking from someone without giving anything in return is hypocrisy and is not valued highly on the ‘Path of Transition’.

Throughout life you will meet many people that fit the description of a ‘Psychic Vampire’ and as a “follower” of the ‘Path of Transition’ it would serve well to unmask these people for what they truly are. They are leaches, parasites and as such they are unworthy of your time, effort and energy.

Do not waste time on those that serve you no purpose, cast the unworthy aside as to make room for others.

Don’t let others keep you down, your main aim is to remain true and honourable while fulfilling your desires throughout life. Those that try to stop you from doing this are your enemies and should be treated as such.


Shawn Aug 27 '15


The victim mentality is a reliable cue. :)

@Jordan Power:

Kudos on this, with a few reservations but only because I don't know what you mean by "The Path of Transition", Honor, and Loyalty -- especially capitilized. I prefer the path of good business, best summed up by Jake the Dog: "Bad biskits make the baker broke, yo."

" it would serve well to unmask these people for what they truly are. They are leaches, parasites and as such they are unworthy of your time, effort and energy."

It would serve who? Certainly not them, because it's the last thing they want. They need to remain unseen as they are to do what they do. Nothing pisses them off more than someone who gets wise to them. If they know that you know -- or even suspect it -- they will wage a smear campaign against you to utterly. Not only are they shitty people, revealing a psychic vampire is the equivalent of killing it, so revealing them puts them in a situation where they will use the most underhanded tactics in a fight for their own "survival."

So, it's one thing to remove one from your neck (depending on how deep the  angs have worked their way in and the degree to which they have the ability to hold your life hostage), and it's another to reveal them. Hell, most people won't believe you for awhile anyway, and the psychic vampire will claim that you telling the truth about them is a way for you to victimize THEM. Never underestimate the ability of a psychic vampire to flip the truth to make themselves look like the victim and you as the aggressor.

So, it doesn't serve you, either. This cure is often much more costly than the disease. It's best to treat them like a mushroom -- keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

"Do not waste time on those that serve you no purpose, cast the unworthy aside as to make room for others."

I'd say "Don't waste your time on those who waste yours, don't waste energy on those who burn yours, make unreasonable demands, etc -- cast aside as to make room for others."

A lot of the standard list items apply to this, but this one comes to mind more than others.

* Kindness to those who deserve it, not love wasted on ingrates!

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Padowan Aug 27 '15
Thank you Jordan, for your response. 

The problem with Psychic Vampires, as Shawn succinctly pointed out, is they prefer the darkness of deception. To reveal them is to risk public annihilation of anything and everything you hold dear; I know this personally. 

It so happens I keep running into more, or attract them, and I want to uproot them from the get go. 
I've noticed one particular habit they share. When you call them on their manipulation tactics they play innocent and throw the guilt complex at you, "I can't believe you'd think that of me. It hurts my heart. I told you I don't have many friends." (Actual quote) 

Any more conversational topics/questions to expose them?
Shawn Aug 27 '15
Having a whipping boy, especially with no real reason. 
Shawn Aug 27 '15
I seem to have forgotten the obvious:

* Responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires!

This webpage sums up how a psychic vampire drains -- through fear, obligation, and guilt.

And this goes into the specifics of the games the play:

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Shawn Aug 27 '15
This is an excellent point from the first link: 

"Don't sustain any situation or relationship where you do not have the option to say "no" where it is reasonable to do so. Nobody who is a true friend will demand "yes" 100% of the time. "

The most naked version of the obligation game is when a psychic vampire forces a 'gift' you didn't ask for onto you. It's not as simple as saying "no" because then they'll guilt or otherwise pressure or manipulate you into taking it -- only to extract the "cost" of whatever it was through passive aggressive behavior many times over. There's nothing a psychic vampire loves more than something they can hold over your head.

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lilledu May 28 '16
i hate psychic vampires..i think they are the most dangerous
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AntiX Chapter Head
AntiX May 30 '16

Quote from DevillaSatania I know somebody is draining me, but I don't know who.
My ex-wife was a vampire, I still felt the drain after 2 years, and finally got free....  how long have you felt the drain for, if you mind me asking?  and whoever is draining you is usually someone you know
What is your true intention? And how can I know to trust you?
Mikitz Jun 2 '16
I'm not completely disengaged with psychology or psychiatry. As far as I'm concerned, psychic vampires are more commonly known as people with a narcissistic personality disorder. For instance, my sister falls into that category perfectly. This is also the reason why I want to have absolutely nothing to do with her. Neither should anyone else. These people feed on others and have no introspection whatsoever.
Dracula's temple
Dracula's temple Jun 17 '16
Strange I had encounters with vampires, at a barber shop and a woman came in the shop the guy that was cutting my hair when the two entities came in help me down they pocked me twice with some kind off neeble then took turns sucking on me, then stopped. The man looked at me and he appeared to look as a creature, then he sucked some more. After that they left and another being sucked and bit my right shoulder , I was 16, I guess I was worthy to become like them. Oh the goodness of our lord
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