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Heh Sep 4 '15
I have been practicing this occult stuff for a long time (over ten years) and have had a love hate relationship with spirituality until just recently when I finally gave up the idea that karma is trying to rip my fun from my life and 'god' wants to have my children for the continuing domination of souls.

Life is meant to be fun and Satanism along with a good chunk of Chaos Magic Theory (a la Peter Carroll) and various mediums of art I can make it so. I grew up in a Buddhist household and when I visited my other parent I was a Scientologist (currently ex-communicated), and I learned that Buddhism, the Eastern Philosophies in general, have a few nice similarities with the Western Left-Hand Path and am proud to be free from the chains of the OT overlords.

I am a long time practitioner of Eastern Martial Arts and Qigong and enjoy my job more when I am making sushi and not seating and taking drink orders from customers.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to have some interesting conversations while I am here.

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