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Jason King
Jason King Sep 15 '15
OK, you clicked. Good for you.

What if every vector of any so-called "conspiracy theory" was just a mask for a greater cause?

What if there were actually a "conspiracy" worthy of the name? Wouldn't that be something?

Everything you think you know would be a lie. A planted/imprinted idea. Put there by someone you have never met. In the flesh, or otherwise. A blue pill already being digested by your system as we speak.

Meaning, even I would be a part of this phantasmagoria that you incorrectly perceive as "reality". How can you discern the difference?

You can't. And that's a problem . . .   
Shawn Sep 15 '15
I don't care much for the metaphors of conspiracy theory or the blue pill but I'm always up for a discussion about perception and reality. 

Let's see if I'm understanding your post: You're essentially setting up ye old' brain in the vat, abiet externalized. Then you conclude with claiming somehow your assumption that no one can do a simple reality check is a problem.

You assume. That's the problem. It's your assumption. Hell, can fart some assumptive conclusion and leave it hanging in the air as I use the cloud to disappear mysteriously.

But, I can't. Or can I . . .

The Forum post is edited by Shawn Sep 15 '15
sonofject Member
sonofject Sep 16 '15
What if every vector of any so-called "conspiracy theory" was just a mask for a greater cause?

That's just it. This is a widely held perception among redpillers and debunkers alike. It doesn't take an 'otaku impossibru' level of skill to manipulate a perception of reality. All it takes is a stellar understanding of propaganda and public relations to spin and control the phantasmagoria (storyline).

Having a good, pragmatic knowledge of history repeating itself, and a canny ability to obscure facts and promote a 'greater cause' are all elements of social engineering 101, i.e. changing individual perceptions.

Yes, it does become a problem of discernment when an incorrectly perceived reality becomes a doctrine or authority. There's no finer example of this than the vector of religion-based politics to promote a greater cause.
Shawn Sep 16 '15
So... what's "vector" mean in the way yous guys are using it? I'm totally lost on that.
sonofject Member
sonofject Sep 17 '15
I could be wrong, but I took vector to mean 'factors in a theory that lead to a desired conclusion'. As the OP is currently suspended, I can't correlate it.
Shawn Sep 17 '15
I re-read the original post and get it now, Thanks.
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