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Pusher Mod
Pusher Oct 7 '15
My user name is Pusher. I was asked to help moderate this network again. I am no stranger to this network and have moderated here before. It is unlikely that I will post any original content. My interaction here will be minimal. I have no interest in meeting friends. I do not care who you are. My only interest is in moderating this site. Which includes but is not limited to ...

1. Enforcing site policy as defined by the owner(s).

2. Raising and or maintaining a level of intelligent quality content.

3. Creating and or suggesting ways to improve number one and two.

If I seem short or curt with you I do not care. The time I have to moderate this site is limited. I intend on make that time count. I am here because I was asked to be and I enjoy this site. I have been involve since its inception. Either as a moderator, user or simply a observer. See you around.

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Shawn Oct 8 '15
Uh, yeah. Well, um... Welcome *back* to the network soldier! (I've also been involved with this network, y know, SIN,  since it's "inception". Who the hell are you? ;) ) 
Shawn Oct 8 '15
I remember now. Wow, that's been a long time. As you were, soldier!
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 8 '15
Welcome back Pusher. Thanks for helping out. 
Millsy Member
Millsy Nov 24 '15
pusher....are you an x-files fan by any chance?
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 29 '15
Pusher I think got beamed back to outer space. 
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