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sonofject Member
sonofject Oct 9 '15
For any form of magic to be successful (or convincing enough) in producing a desired result or effect, there must be a quality of potency in the ritual.

I'm a musician, so one example of potency would be music. Creative musicians will often channel their energy to express strong emotions through song, dance, playing an instrument, etc. You can't deny that the ability to create music in any form is a powerful expression of self. My decompression chamber is live music, my altar is the stage. It's one of many aspects of my primal design.

Sex energy is another example. Sexual energy is a powerful harnessed tool in any potent ritual. Breaking taboo boundaries and transgressing thresholds of emotion are all rudimentary and speak to one's primal nature and carnal knowledge and experience.

Forms of art and language are also examples used in ritual. To the adept, a powerful intuitive knowledge (one's imagination, if you will) can enrich the experience of reading and comprehending ritual practice and traditional archetypes.

What are some other forms of potency used in successful ritual practice? What kind of result was produced in your experience?

(protip: there's no right or wrong answer, the questions are subjective).

Padowan Oct 9 '15
My understanding of potency is effectiveness and active strength. I don't have different forms of potency as much as I may have different intensities. One ritual form I find beneficial is physical exertion, either through physical labor or intense exercise to fatigue. Mind over body in the strictest sense. Pushing past limits. Intense focus. Absolute will over complacent weakness. Self control against pain, resistance and stagnation. Results are strength of body and strength of mind.
Shawn Oct 9 '15
@sonofject: the issue isn't 'potency', it's arousal.

sonofject Member
sonofject Oct 10 '15

Definitely agree that mind over body is a potent form of ritual. The act of getting a tattoo is another. To embrace the pain of the needle, to feel the rush of endorphins that help you endure it. Pain manifests itself as proof (result) through the tattoo.

Arousal is an aspect of potency. It's an energy harnessed at varying levels of intensity during the ritual of sex. I did mention sex energy as form of potency. I'm not trying to argue semantics on this thread.
Revan Member
Revan Jan 30 '16

I'm wondering what  the view on spells is, I don't like just reading something out of a book and going oh I'm gonna use that, I feel that spells are just lyrical projections of your will and energy, I think that a spell that you write yourself will be much more effective than one out of a book of spells, because it's personal and you pour your force of will, energy, rage, etc...any thoughts ?

EnyaWolf Feb 8 '16
I think that spells and rituals help focused ones concentration and energy into what they want to achieve. By writing ones own spell might help that particular person become more emotionally attached and there for more focused.
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