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No More Click Bait 7 273 Last Reply by Dark Enlightenment Aug 4
The Satanic Temple - Dominate Satanic Organization 42 1569 Last Reply by Triplesix007 Jul 12
So You Have Voices In Your Head... - 216 Last Reply by Dark Enlightenment Jun 18
Experiences with Moloch 2 153 Last Reply by Immanuel23 Jun 18
Pentagram and inverted crucifix chain 2 147 Last Reply by MickBynes Jun 9
Eve and the Satanic Path - 84 Last Reply by Obscura Jun 8
Dagon. Source information help requested. 3 194 Last Reply by Tkwilliams Jun 8
Boyd Rice declares Church of Satan Closed 1 162 Last Reply by Zach Black Jun 7
What's your experience in thee supernatural? 13 347 Last Reply by KPaz666 May 20
What made you decide to become a satanist? 43 4430 Last Reply by ch.ga May 20
Demon summoning 12 591 Last Reply by Tkwilliams May 14
Casting a spell-cursing someone 20 1563 Last Reply by Hexenmeister Apr 27
New to occult practice? 2 177 Last Reply by Tkwilliams Apr 25
In I go - 106 Last Reply by Loke_Rundt Apr 19
Occult. 1 201 Last Reply by Tkwilliams Apr 15
Qlipoth, invocations, goetia magic? 12 942 Last Reply by Brother Shamus Apr 2
Horror Story 2 326 Last Reply by Devilsadvocate666 Feb 8
Opportunity For The Proselytizing Christian 1 425 Last Reply by Nwo599 Feb 2
Satanism PSA (On Choosing Fire) 5 400 Last Reply by Dark Enlightenment Jan 29
Why do you choose to follow the LHP and what does it mean to you? 7 426 Last Reply by Thetruthisrare666 Jan 5
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