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Zach Black Oct 16 '15
Hey guys shirt time again. These are gonna look different. Here are the images I am working with. I have not decided what will be on the front in the upper left breast and what will go across the back. I am thinking symbol of brimestone on breast and sin logo with the lettering wrapped around on the black , large. Any thoughts, opinions? Also I need someone good at imaging to take the symbol of brimestone and turn it with with a blue outline. Same shade of blue as the rest so it all matches. Just like the lettering ' satanic international network ' has. Anyone help me with that?

The shirts will be printed on black athletic shirts with blue neck and arm collars.

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Shawn Oct 17 '15
How about slogans?

"I'm a Satanist. No, you're not invited to the orgy."

Not very creative, I know, but  it illustrates what I'm talking about.

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