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Troll Oct 20 '15
Can you help me fill out my lists of Satanists (2)?

I have a couple of pages of Lists of Satanists which i maintain. One of these is a compendium of named individuals who are featured within text by well-known documenters and participants in early Satanism (primarily naming those who were involved from a very early time during the 1960s). It is located at and can be found via Google.

Another is a more popular and interesting list because it contains those whose visibility in popular culture has enabled them both to be known as Satanists but also for other reasons than their Satanism and promotions. You can find that list at and i am about to revise it once more after several years of putrefaction. If you have ideas for improving its methodology of scoring pass them along here too.

Here are some additional names i'm going to be investigating:
• Lucien Greaves
• Thomas LeRoy• Liberace• Balls Mahoney• David Vincent• Derek Grant• Matt Skiba

The bottom of the list itself has its general criteria for inclusion and the Points System i used at that time for scoring. If you know any celebrity Satanists for the second page please do add them below in a comment here along with whatever information you know about them like legal name, date of birth, web page, contact information, organizational affiliation, etc.

Thank you!

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism

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