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jason Nov 18 '15
Now, I live in a small town area where nearly everyone is religious. I don't necessarily call myself an atheist, I'm more so of an agnostic deist on that matter. Though I do agree with what a lot of atheistic arguments.  I have a few friends that are atheist but most of them are closeted atheists. I have to ask, why hide the fact that you're an atheist? For fear of judgment? If people are gonna judge you simply because of your opinion on one thing, then fuck them. I don't believe any belief system makes someone a better or worse person anyway. Judging someone on whether or not they believe in a god is just as ridiculous as judging someone because of their favorite color.
Hartnell Nov 18 '15
Why talk about being an atheist in the first place? In my experience the label atheist only means that someone will get easily offended at other people who are not also atheists. I don't see much difference between the group as a whole and the people they loathe the most.
Hartnell Nov 18 '15
Oh, I just realized the answer to to your titular question is: They're outnumbered and can't be an asshole unless they outnumber their rivals.
DyingPhoenix Dec 9 '15
I don't think there's anything wrong with a label if it's correct. Yeah, I'm an atheist, so what?

And although I was never personally closeted in that matter, I can understand, although not necessarily support, the decision to be. It's not as if that's something that usually comes up in conversation anyway. And the few times it does, it might be in the person's best interest to fake a little Christianity rather than risking being shunned within his community.
gamerguy666 Apr 9 '16
Well me living in a small town myself I can say it sucks, But if people have a problem with you or you're friends being atheist's then you don't need to talk to or associate with them now do you?, as for treatment all i can say is if they treat you badly ether give them a nasty look and walk away or try ignoring them or give it right back at them maybe with a little more but that would be you're call now some advice i probably need to follow myself save money and MOVE!!!!! 
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