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Millsy Member
Millsy Nov 24 '15
Saludos, I should be asleep but instead I am on the satanic international network.

I am from the west coast but currently reside on the east coast.  I watch too many youtube videos and incidentally that is how I discovered this network.  I love people who are curious about exploring paganism/satanism/LHP etc... I think because it's just so taboo in our society.  And I love being open to everything and anything (within reason).  I'm still learning.

When I think of satan I think of power, intelligence, un bridled curiosity and uniqueness.  

Ave Satanas 

I love to's important to me.

ok, g'nite

mrshll1001 Nov 26 '15
Am I right in spotting another fan of the brilliant British satire Look Around You? How much taller than Imhotep are you?
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Millsy Member
Millsy Nov 27 '15
both Imhotep and I are invisible   ...   lol   :)

I love that show!!

mrshll1001 Nov 28 '15

Quote from Millsy both Imhotep and I are invisible   ...   lol   :)

I love that show!!

It is definitely a fantastic show. Did you ever watch season two?
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 5 '15
YES!  Is that when they did the episode about diarrhea dan?  HILARIOUS!  
mrshll1001 Dec 7 '15
It is indeed! You have good taste.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 9 '15
thank you sir!  
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